Today’s News

Rough night last night as I felt the full effects from the Zometa infusion. So experienced flu like symptoms with a high temperature. I am hoping this isn’t a sign of things to come! However it was lovely to see both daughters and my grandson today.  I also thoroughly enjoyed my bath because of the luxury towels my friends Sue and Angela bought round yesterday.  I am also grateful to Victoria, who very patiently got me up to speed with wordpress so I could get this blog published today

My first four days of chemo starts tomorrow so I hope the snow doesn’t hold us back.

Today’s scores on the board are Physical Health (PH) = 3 and Mental Health (MH) = 2

Not bad all things considering!

5 thoughts on “Today’s News

    • Hi Deborah, Alsion Braithwaite here. Remember what I told you in the card I sent you a while ago? I know a man who is going to be with you and get you through every single step of this…. not just smoothly….but triumphantly! xx.

  1. Good luck with the chemo Debs……this blog will provide a great outlet for you to share how you are feeling and for us to support you through it. Post every thought, good and bad, no matter how trivial it seems….

  2. Loved seeing you yesterday! 2 weeks seemed like forever as longest Elliot or I hadn’t seen you for! But it was worth the wait 🙂 we needed to both be fully recovered. and made seeing you more special 🙂 xxx we love you loads

  3. Hi
    Well I’ve managed to follow you and post a reply (hopefully this will work) so you’ve introduced me to the world of blogging!
    Its good to hear you’re doing ok despite grim chemo setting in. The Deborah we know and love shines through in your writing. You’re exuberant spirit and unique take on the world always brings a smile to my face, even when you find yourself in this nightmare situation.
    Take care of yousefl and keep blogging.x

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