Can you keep a secret?

Well this ones going to be pretty tricky for me to keep but you might just have to wait a week or so before all can be revealed. Let’s just say this one may top my Jarvis Cocker claim to fame!
I can reveal that I have blagged myself a hot date. That may be a slight exaggeration and this is going to be a double act as Kate’s also been invited along. Between you and me I think that’s only because this ultra hot guy has probably seen my latest photo and needs to ensure Kate’s there to hold back any sudden surges of desire. Apparently (so I have read) this particular brand (now stop it Deborah!) is attracted to girls who are, and I quote “sensitive, funny and sweet. Like a poem or a cloud.” Hmm I think I am going to have to work on that one. I am not sure that a mix of Miranda Hart, Kirsty Allsop and the mad French women is going to cut the mustard, even if I can find myself a white fluffy jumper and jot down a few odds of words of prose before the big night. Still he’s not my usual type either I am more of an Andrew Lloyd Webber type of girl. Well I have always found ‘The Lord’ strangely attractive and he does put on such a good show.

Gosh can you see how much I have been distracted from my parallel universe, that can’t be a bad thing eh.

Returning to my new surreal existence, it was great to have had Kate by my side yesterday and just as well we were ignorant of our hot date news, as then I fear we may have completely forgotten to turn up or just abandoned the beetle juice for a trip down Camden Market for cloud like dresses and that would have really mucked up my trial results. Whoops there I go again!

The nurses yesterday were again faultless in the compassion, care and skills they demonstrated, and I am sure the tea lady didn’t skim passed my booth on purpose so I won’t take it personally. After yesterday’s palatable corned beef sandwich I had decided to take in a packed lunch anyway. Getting this treatment really isn’t as bad as I first thought but being high on steroids may be clouding my judgement somewhat (cloud is such a lovely word, don’t you think?) Unfortunately I only take the 20 cocaine like, mini pills for 2 more days. Do you think I can ask for an extra dose for next Wednesday night? I can’t afford a crash in mood if I’m to recite poetry in a sweet demure fashion now can I?

Kate also got to meet the lovely lady in the Macmillan suite and was equally impressed by her, the surroundings and the long list of therapeutic classes on offer. This switch from clinician to patient really isn’t as tough as you might think. Hmm now don’t stop feeling sorry for me, just a little bit, I may be having a ball at he moment but I am dreading pain, hospital isolation and premature death and I may really need you then. (how drama queen is that!) So please dear readers don’t leave me as its you that are keeping me going. Knowing you are out there reading, posting and sending your positive vibes is as much of an important role on my road to recovery as the beetle juice. The mind and the body are part of the same system and if I am to achieve the end result of staying alive (well I may have just got my head around that, we all are definitely gong to die some day, funny how strangely optimistic I was about that one pre parallel universe) for as long as possible I am going to need your continuous support, so please don’t underestimate the important role you play. Friends and family have stated how helpless they feel and the desire they have for helping us all in some way, well you are doing exactly that so I sincerely Thank You.
Possible outfit idea No. 1 What do you reckon?
Scores on the board today are:

PH = 2
MH = 1

0 = good
10 = bad

16 thoughts on “Can you keep a secret?

  1. Maybe you have an alternative career choice as a sketch writer or journalist!.,The dry humour and acute observational skill is very compelling
    By the way i usually charge £275 per hour to read other peoples handiwork but i will grant you an anmesty
    Love Jack Levy

  2. Not this outfit, Deborah , – it really isn’t you -even though it is cloud-like! I agree with Jack, this is great stuff – you ought to be writing a book

  3. I would have to disagree with your mental health rating of today Deborah. Dear readers perhaps I should explain, on phoning her this morning she told me she was having trouble cutting her legs off and finding her cloud outfit whilst laughing hysterically. I wonder if I can have some of what ever she’s on?
    On a more serious note, yesterday I learned even more what an inspirational and amazing person my sister is. Listening to her reading out your comments as we drove through London I realised how many people lives she has touched in the most positive of ways. I knew it before, but hearing the comments from so many people was heart-warming.
    The hospital and staff are incredible and combine to make you feel like they are there to deliver the best and kindest of care. The patients ranged from looking very poorly to like they’ve just walked in from a shopping trip and I was humbled by how they are all clearly just trying to get on with their lives, working on lap tops and ipads and I think I spotted a teacher marking a pile of what looked like exercise books whilst hooked up to a drip. The fact that people seem to pop in for a spot of chemo is just part of the reality that is so many people’s lives, if we are not one of those people we need to be counting our blessings.
    I’m not sure if I will be counting going on a hot date as one of my blessings as a) it was only achieved due to dire circumstances, b) with my sister or c) with my sister dressed as a cloud. It’s going to take all of my available recourses to try and appear cool and right not I’m not rating my chances.

  4. Hmmm, can’t help with the date outfit sorry ….. haven’t been on one in over 15 years. I did see an ad for an actual ‘dating site’ that seemed to be recommending wearing just underwear and shoes but, as I look out at the snow, it’s not something I would encourage. I’m sure you could aquire the cloud look with a few metres of netting and a long t shirt though!

  5. Deb what’s with the snow flake outfit ?a bit freaky even for you. As ever a great insight to your mind and feelings. People may think the drugs are affecting, you however we know the truth. It’s you, really you. What a blast. Ax

  6. Mother… your call earlier. I almost thought there was a cure as you sounded soooooo very happy! Your date is so obvious I’d have got it from reading this… But I’m glad you told me & I will keep it secret :). Keep the strength & happiness up. Love you always xxxxx

  7. That outfit is soooo funny Deborah, only you could get away with it. reminds me of those MAD days. I’m enjoying reading your blogs I agree with previous messages you have found another string to your bow xx

  8. Deb – on a scale of 1-10 you are a bit crazier than usual – usual score 8, current score 8.5. Instead of the snowflake outfit have you thought of a Boob tube skirt!! love as ever.

  9. Hello Deb, I am Sharon’s sister and yes she definately CAN keep a secret, she wouldn’t spill the beans. Mind you we are planning a girlie night on Saturday and I think I might just keep topping her wine glass up and try and get it out of her, you have left us all intrigued! – rest assured she won’t let you down. I have had a bit of a scare very recently but am out of the woods so to speak. I have been touched by your writing and your honest take on things. Positive thoughts and hugs floating over to you. Keep that cloud flying high. Love Dawn xxx

  10. You are hilarious and so very brave… im intrigued as to the mistery date and cloud outfit combo… cant wait to read more ??? .. the Jarvis storey has now become my claim to fame lol……did I tell you a friend of mine once slept….. haha … keep smiling Deb everyone is with you 🙂 xx

  11. Love the outfit have a positive feeling there could be a time that you could go on mirandas show you do make me laugh think if you carry on might need to increase supply of tena lady tee hee xxxxxx

  12. Hello Deb, I am a friend of Kate and we met a few years ago when you did a talk on NLP. I have loved reading your blog, you are one very brave lady. Is there just a little clue in your post to your dates name. Pat xxx

  13. uuuuhhhh, I think I guessed it from reading this bit again!!! Wow, I’m going to bet with myself that I know who it is!! Wish I knew I could get it out of you before Wed Jem because if I am right – WOW!!!! and double WOW!!!
    Either way enjoy the hot date Deb. Maybe you should offer this tall, dark witty handsome man some of your beetle juice?? I’m sure he’ll be hooked straight away. (Colin, I don’t know how you’re doing this, but you must be doing something right to keep this woman’s spirit higher than the usual!) Love to you both. xx

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