A brief interlude – Early morning ramblings!

I am not one known for drug taking, so the sudden transformation from 0 -32 pills per day and a dose of red beetle juice may be taking its toll. The steroids may certainly account for my only seemingly requirement of 4 hours sleep per night ( if that). The problem is dear reader I only get to take the steroids, in extreme high doses, for 4 days then its cold turkey until my next cycle begins in a couple of weeks time. Mean eh, especially with my hot date coming up.

So you can expect a crash, mrs grumpy bear may come out to play as the world takes on a slightly shader pale of grey. Luckily for me being one of the worlds great optimists, the last time wasn’t too bad but my health both physical and mental is a little temprimental at present and you never know what is going to happen next. So I am just warning you that today is my last day and preparing you for the possible worse with a pre-apology for bad behaviour. ( from me, surely not!)

Maybe my cloud costume should include a few dirty smudges and a David Bowie like flash streak across my face.  What do you reckon?

5 thoughts on “A brief interlude – Early morning ramblings!

  1. Maybe your theme tune with all the pills you are popping should be Shake Rattle and Roll
    If you are so inclined i can challenge you to name arrivals at the doctors convention e g
    Dermot Ologist
    Lars to Plast(from Denmark)
    Afro Dizziac
    Emma Royds
    and so forth
    So will you rise to that?
    Love Jack

  2. Hi Deb read both offerings today. Excellent insight to NHS and YOU. What you say has such truth and you at least know what you are talking about. I love the musings on your drug life, as for the steroids well I think you should have a black market erupting they sound so bloody tempting. But then being in your company is at times as high as I can manage. Keep informing everyone of your journey, best blog I have ever come across!! Hi Colin thinking of you today. Ax

  3. Hi Deb

    Having been on the receiving end of hubby’s dex crash (who knew beige was grey and grey was beige) I would recommend that anyone within a mile of you hides behind the sofa for a few days! 😉

  4. Could not imagine a grumpy you have only ever encounted the good deb with such good mental health just rembered your first comment on entering my home “its like a bloody zoo here with all these Dogs” but inspired you to find your own four legged friend best cure for mental health see you soon lovely special lady xxxxxx

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