Catching up and the hot date outfit saga…

A great evening was had last night when four of us old mates, managed after much time and considerable organisation, to get together in the same place for a long awaited catch up, reminiscing about the good old days back on the psychiatric wards.  Although a couple of us hadn’t seen each other for 10 years it was as if it were only yesterday. A real fire, glass of Prosseco, and a good chin wag – bliss.
On another note I am delighted to say my sister got hold of a pair of much sought after Russell and Bromley boots reduced to half price in the sale.  I am over the moon for her as I know just how much she desired them, however, I do feel just a tad envious as my calves are far too fat to squeeze into the moc crocodile allure of the patent leather. She will look fab on Wednesday in those beauties so now I am going to have to try even harder to dreg something up from the depths of my wardrobe if I am to stand a chance of distracting my hot dates glare.  So dear reader I am putting the task firmly in your hands, no pressure but  my success ( and I am not sure how that will be measured) is on your shoulders.
Just for a moment we will put the cloud outfit to one side whilst I show you a few alternative fashion styles.
1) The Deborah, Zebra look set to be the hottest trend for this years Summer safari’s.
2) Sequins and crystals for more of a  trany in your face, up for it glitzy feel.
3) Rock chic with a hobo cardie to keep you warm,  sensible with a hint of dare devil style.
Or a mixture IMG_0972of all three?
Am I getting somewhere?
SOS fashion guru required get round here quick, time is of the essence!!!

14 thoughts on “Catching up and the hot date outfit saga…

  1. I’ve seen Kate’s sexy boots on Facebook.
    Very nice! I think outfit number 3, but feel free to come and rummage in my wardrobe. Xx

  2. Look take advice from one who really knows fashion, who is trendy and up to the minute . Knows all the latest looks and spares no expense when dressing. Wear as little as possible, if you have to dress I am going for number four picture. If you are lucky your secret date may not have specs on!!!

  3. As a gokette you must wear a bright coloured skarf its every girls best friend it hides a multitude… the brilliance of the colour reflects on the face giving a youthful glow making you look about 10 …haha and with hot date in mind will make others wonder what you’ve been up to!!! Bright pink or prange usually favored most .. x

  4. Debs think I’ve seen you in the mixed up outfit before…you looked fab in it. If you are interested I have a GOK dress in my wardrobe…looks amazing on…sexy big zip right down the front! Its secret is an inner lining of industrial strength lycra which gives you killer curves but still allows you to breath. However you do need to take a good friend to the ladies with you to help you make yourself decent again before emerging!

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