Lets all meet up ………

…. in the year  2000  2013  at the fountain down the road.
” Her name was Deborah but it never suited her”
And that is just the added bonus.
Jarvis and us
The heat just got a whole lot hotter!
Phones are ringing, flash camera’s are at the ready, Wednesday is going to be one hell of a night.
They won’t know what’s hit them when these 2 girls hit the town.
Now I was going to post here a picture of Kate and I from the 70’s but the fear of abandonment and shear horror has forced me to re-consider. I can’t risk that a certain couple of hot male species are not reading this and a sudden withdrawal of invites would be SO disappointing.
Unfortunately beetle juice insertion is coming in the way today, but tomorrow,  I am off to Essex to find the perfect costume (and possibly a fake tan?) for the night out.
Ooh I do hope these guys don’t disappoint after all this effort!

9 thoughts on “Lets all meet up ………

  1. Love this picture Debs,it takes me back so vividly.We have a picture of you all at Rebeccas 2nd birthday party in the garden at Frecheville.Jarvis,with his blonde curls and you and Kate looking so pretty in the cutest little pinafore dresses.
    We are awaiting with great anticipation the pictures of your outfits for the Big Date! xxx

  2. Great build up Deb. Anticipation High, but as usual don’t count on the male of the species to notice that you have bothered. Kate had probably wasted her money on the boots, welly boots would have worked just as well. BUT I am positive you two will look amazing. So I will follow this blog just to see where the hell you end up.Ax

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