Call for help … I may be losing a few marbles!

The large amount of steroids I am taking, and loving by the way, are certainly having an effect on my mental health and sleep. I am not yet sure if this is a good thing or not. I think Colin is also debating that one. Energy levels are certainly high, fridges defrosted and previously ignored cupboards are being cleaned out but… is our bank account! I am not sure I dare to admit this, with fear of comment reprisals and friends still working in psychiatric services (never mind my dear patient husband reading this), but I have just bid on 63, YES, 63 ebay items! I probably won’t win them all and I do have a sort of plan but just maybe……I may just be losing a few glass balls!

What will the girls say, and what will I do with all the designer shoes and clothes I am about to purchase? (Good job Kate is in Gambia rescuing donkeys right now) Why, well to set up a village, nearly new, designer girls party events sort of thing of course! Well it seemed like a good idea about an hour ago. And don’t fear too much dear reader as most of the items are in my size so I will have plenty of choices for all the parties and celebrity events I am intending to attend. I have my book signing do, for the book that’s not quite stated yet. My private exhibition, for the half finished pieces of artwork stacked up in the spare room and then of course there is my very own Hinxworth Festival birthday bash to consider plus I have heard on the grapevine that another invite as V.I.P’s to a celebrity concert is on the cards.

So you will have to make your own minds up dear readers.

I only hope that at my hospital review appointment today, the results from my first round of chemo and steroid super blastings will be enough to convince my dear consultant and team, that a continuation of the energy driving drugs is the way forward.

Wish me luck!

PH scores = 3
MH = 2 but that may be contrary to opinion!

O = brilliant 10 = serious health issues going on


12 thoughts on “Call for help … I may be losing a few marbles!

  1. Morning Deborah, you’ve always been full of positive energy, so it’s no surprise that your medication has enhanced this! Thinking of you at your review today.

  2. “63!!! Even if items are under £10 + postage & that’s £630!!! are you mad?!?!” That would be my OLD reaction.
    New reaction…….. IF it makes YOU happy than do it. Money should no longer be a problem. Get & do what you want as your happiness is much more important to me 🙂
    So as long as buying some shoes off ebay makes you happy to a sofa or even just lunch out. I’d much prefer you do it 🙂
    What you’ve got is scary, sad & terrifying. But I personally feel a lot happier if I know you’re happy. One day soon I think we will go wedding dress shopping :).
    Love you xxxxxxx

    • Oh dear I knew I would get most stick from my youngest daughter but you do have to invest a little when starting up a new business venture!

  3. Don’t know if it is helpful but there is a website: which places bids on ebay for you in the last 5 seconds of an auction. You pay a small percentage to use it but I have found that there are at least 2 big advantages: 1 you can cancel the bid up until the last few minutes so you can change your mind if you see something better. 2 no-one knows you are there so you don’t get into silly bidding wars and pay more than you should.
    If you are going to be using ebay a lot you can’t do it without auction sniper, it pays for itself trust me.
    Keep well. Lots of love. xx

  4. Sooooo funny! I so recognise that Dex effect. For me it was “I’m going to get a dog. I’m going to buy a summerhouse for the garden to set up a ceramic studio.” Fortunately I’m not SO into buying clothes but I did HAVE to buy virtually a whole new wardrobe as I’d dropped 2-3 sizes when I couldn’t eat for over a month. Good luck with the results. That’s what’s most important… Well, maybe second to your book signing! x

  5. I’ve often thought that I could do with a couple of dex some days, especially after the “little op” I had, which left me bereft of any get up and go.

    I do love eBay, although I usually only window shop.

  6. Go for it Debs.Nearly all Rebeccas stuff comes from either charity shops or ebay and she tells me,though I dont know who she is kidding,that she often makes a profit when selling them on! xxx
    Hope all is good today for your hospital appointment. xxx

  7. Look on the plus side….at least you have cleaned everything out….! Just tell Colin it is your version of spring cleaning…

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