Food obsession, allergic reaction and designer gear.

I seem to have become rather obsessed with food which is rather odd as everything tastes like cardboard. I was hoping that one of the positive sides of having cancer would be a little weight loss as quite frankly, losing a stone wouldn’t be a bad thing, but I have a feeling I may be going in the other direction. I seek out sweet and sour tastes, and icy cold or crispy textures so that usually consists of sweets, ice cream and quavers. I cook meals my memory tricks me into believing will taste great but alas Colin benefits but I am left disappointed and wanting.

To help combat this I did my own little bit of research and found out that taking Nystan, an oral suspension used to treat fungal infections, may help. Unfortunately for me though it seems to have led to a rare allergic reaction. My face has started to blow up a little (not a great look) and I have become very itchy all over my body. On reading the medicine blurb it would appear that this happens very rarely but can result in a serious reaction including developing Stevens-Johnson syndrome!

Having just taken a 5 min break from writing this, I have discovered that I should seek immediate emergency aid if I do notice any symptoms of face swelling, body hives, itching and the list goes on. Oh dear here I lie, Colin purring like a cat beside me, it’s 3am and I have a bit of a quandary…….just how seriously should I take this?

I do think the swelling has gone down and I ‘m not as itchy as I was yesterday but could other things be happening inside my body? This is all such a bore and another added complication I could quite frankly do without. And all this just so I could hope to taste all the lovely delights I feel I have been missing out on. Honestly why can’t I just accept that there are some down-sides to this cancer malarkey!

I think I shall wait a few more hours and re-assess the situation but my mental health scores are starting to shoot up a little.

Meanwhile my sister is rescuing donkeys in The Gambia , my brother is on a luxury holiday in Ghana ( or is it the other way round) and I expect you are all enjoying a good nights sleep before arising for another hard days work.

If all pans out well today I will probably just chill out sit and await my resent eBay purchases to arrive. I am coming back down off the steroids now and have frighteningly added up the cost of my recent episode of mania, lets just hope this new business idea is going to work.

This is the plan….

I am still trying to come up with a catchy name so any ideas will be most appreciated. So far we will call it Village Secrets which I think has quite a good ring to it.

Village secrets will hold regular girls nights out with wine, nibbles and laughter, (we seem to do this anyway) and I will have on hand, rails and boxes of top end designer gear to be bought at knockdown prices. I have been researching all the latest trends by leafing through the numbers of Vogue, Elle and other classy magazines purchased from the hospital foyer. I will keep some of the profit, to re- invest of course, and give a percentage to the Myeloma Cancer Research charity.

Well it sounded a good idea at the time…..what do you think?

The good news is most of the items I have bought so far are in my size so if all else fails I have a wardrobe full of designer gear, now I just need the right places and energy to get out and party.

So far I have new and practically new Karen Millen, Russell and Bromley, Prada, and other top names, bags, shoes and dresses and my collection is building. It’s all very exciting and I am enjoying the process so it can’t be too much of a bad thing. I just have to hope the bank manager isn’t watching!


6 thoughts on “Food obsession, allergic reaction and designer gear.

  1. Deb I love the name of your new venture, it has a certain quality to it. I am disappointed that you are getting a reaction to the Nystan. Watching you try to satisfy your food cravings was an adventure but did seem harsh as you were unable to get any satisfaction. I hope the side effects are not as serious as they sound. Today may be the day when you see a four ton lorry arrive from ebay! I hope the gear is sorted soon for the fashion opening, alas I will only pour the wine as my clothes taste is a little on the gay side! No Prada for me!
    Will see you soon and as ever our thoughts are with you both.

  2. Mother!!! You & drugs… first the wrong one. Now some crazy one which gives you allergic reaction. Please just stick to the right drugs at the right times!
    I hope you’re feeling better this morning. Finger crossed for good results today. Love you xxx

  3. It’s Jamaica, and we haven’t left yet ! The eating, drinking and designer clothes sounds like a great idea, but be careful; calling it “village secrets” may give some people the wrong idea !

  4. I love Toby’s reply.

    Mike always complained about the lack of taste. I tried garlic, chilli, the entire contents of my spice rack, all to no avail. Not helpful I know. 😦

  5. Oh, it sounds tough. I can imagine the feeling to be worried late at night and everbody is asleep. I hope that you are doing better now and that you get some great test results today. As I am soon joining you on the trip to the parallell universe, I have got some instructions from the doctor. One is to avoid sweet stuff on the days when I am taking steroids. They say that the steroids (cortison) that I will take increase the blood sugar levels anyway so I should avoid sugar. And that in combination with a taste for sweet and sour will not be great, I imagine. Have you got the same information?
    I have been to the hospital dentists today to check tooth status. It was all good so that, at least, is a good start since I have had problems with the teeth before.
    I wish you a good day and that you fully recover from that allergic reaction. You have all my support.
    Nina xx

  6. Sorry you are having a miserable time with drugs, hope the swelling and itching is now better. Did say once you start 2nd hand shopping is an addiction! I am thinking of doing some pop up shops when we close, x

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