The Good, the Bad and the Foxy ……..

It has been 5 weeks and 2 days since my telephone upgrade to Multiple Myeloma and so far,  disregarding the initial shock and resulting temporary grief,  the going I am very fortunate to report,  has been pretty good.  Multiple Myeloma is a very individual cancer so I am afraid that this can’t be said for everyone. My initial welcome into the C world came through a routine blood test but many others come following much pain from deteriorating bones or organ failure, as part of the bone marrow breaks away and enters places it shouldn’t. Some of these people are very young who haven’t been as lucky to experience the life I have already had, and who’s journey is  already much further down the road than mine. It really does seem to be quite a lottery and so very unfair and sad.
The  good for me, is that my myeloma, has been picked up early whilst I have been pretty symptom free.  I am on an excellent drug trial, being treated at the very best of hospitals, surrounded by the most amazing group of friends, family and colleagues and already responding well to treatment.
The bad bit it is , I cannot be in denial that currently there is no cure , it will lead to an earlier demise than I I would desire and it is very likely that my physical and therefore my mental health has some serious  bashing to take as I continue to feed pretty toxic substances into my body. The extraordinary large amounts of steroids are starting to take their toll. Yesterday I didn’t stop despite less than  3 hours sleep and here again I find myself wide awake after only 2!  Lack of sleep can be a form of torture so although I feel raring to go I am also starting to get a little concerned.
I am however some foxy lady……
Following a further visit to the Living Room, (my parallel universe oasis), I met with the beautiful wig lady, Nicola and wow she looked great in her turban and scarf. This brave lady is quite unnecessarily shaving off her own hair to raise money for the cancer service. How selfless is that! But she’s not the foxy lady that’s me., well that’s Colin’s new name for me.  In fact I am whoever Colin wants me to be with my new identities growing daily . Oh dear my professional mental health head is coming on, am I now developing a multi personality disorder?
 Anyway here are few of what could be new me’s and the final foxy lady look.
First we have the seductive blonde bombshell.
Then the short sultry more serious work  look.
A bit of a fiery red head
The grey granny style ( I found this wig in the back of the cupboard and think it belonged to Colin’s grandma, or could it be his?
grey hair
And finally introducing the new foxy me.
IMG_0020There is no way those cancerous cells are going to want to stick around in this body it’s far too hot for them in here!
Just a quick update on the donate a scarf/hat idea. The Living Room were delighted and are most  happy to receive the kind donation of NEW scarves or knitted / crochet hats. I shall be presenting them in lovely gift bags together with a special message and positive vibes. The centre will will give these away to fellow hair losers and the receivers can offer a donation if they so wish,  but there is no obligation at all for this. I am calling it “Especially  for You” a gift from someone who cares and is sending you their love.
Yesterday I received my very first scarf from the lovely retired  vicar  in our village who popped round to say , just to let you know I’m  reading your blog here you go. So the ball got rolling.
I am still vey happy to receive any used scarves which I will sell at my Village Secret events and anywhere else I can,  with a 100% of the profits being passed on to the Living Room. So keep rummaging through those bottom drawers.
If you are purchasing a scarf to donate , the long and softer the better, bald heads get cold leaving them more open to catching something and needing more wrapping up. Please also feel free to write your own  message  if you like and I will pop it in the bags.
I have contacted our local radio station to see if I can put out a local appeal for donations through there but any ideas from you as to how I can get more would be very much appreciated
I promised myself that I would write a shorter blog this time round so it’s over and out from this foxy lady…. hmm fluffy chicken head,  as I am afraid this is what I am resorted to whilst lying here in bed.  Poor Colin what a fright as he turns over.  Good job foxy is  lying by my side on  the dressing room table ready to be whisked on!
Scores on the board:
Physical Health = 4
Mental Health = 5
0 = Great   10 = Call in my colleagues!

13 thoughts on “The Good, the Bad and the Foxy ……..

  1. All the wigs (except the grey one!) look terrific on you. If you want an opinion, I think the ‘sultry’ one looks best!
    Stay positive.

    Much love

  2. Wow, you are foxy!! Except the granny look that is! Why don’t you put an appeal in the village voice, there is also a sewing group in the village, I’m sure they would knit a few hats. Take care. X

  3. I agree, you look great in all of them. A pity you can’t have them all to use according to mood and occassion! You are doing a good job on scarf/hat idea and Village Secret, inspiring.
    I started treatment y-day. The streroids effect kicked in already on the first day. Lot’s of energy which is good but less sleep which is of course less good.
    I listen to I-pod radio programmes in earphones when I wake up during night and have done so now for three years. Then the night passes better for me. Perhaps that is something to try?
    I know that you have the same service through BBC, iPlayer Radio, as we have in Swedish radio. Generally I choose humouristic programmes. The good thing about them is that they are usually 30 minutes or so if I fall asleep it does not go on for ever.
    Lots of Love

    • Hi Nina
      Good luck with the treatment.
      Sleep is a challenge. Unfortunately I am not such a good listener so don’t get much out of listening to the radio, i do however have some hypnotherapy apps which I put on that sometimes helps.

  4. Debs you look fabulous! Definitely made the right choice…I’d call it Heather Hair! I want one….maybe all the HDH’s can get Heather Hair now! That’d look good at your party! x

    • Sounds like an idea LOL I must get a date fixed for the launch of Village Secrets. What evening day of the week do you think the girls would prefer. Do we make it a Friday night? It might be good for the first one. Kate has agreed to host at her home so just need to think of a date now. I have some really fab stuff!

  5. Love the wigs – you look great in all of them (well except the grey!). The foxy is definitely the best, and my favourite. Sultry looks good too.
    Jo – first there was the ‘Heather fleece’ and now it’s the ‘Heather hair’! Perhaps I should start my own fashion line? lol

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