Putting the fun into fundraising and spreading the love on Valentine’s Day.

It really is true fundraising can be FUN or at least I am finding it to be so. Although with us all having different maps ( if you haven’t done so you will have to read previous map postings for more info) we may have different interpretations of fun!

Please allow me to share three fundraising ideas going on that I am passionate about and encourage you to consider becoming involved if you haven’t already done so.

Firstly there is my very own brand new scarf appeal.

“Especially for You” will be providing bags of love and positive vibes in the form of gifts of new scarves and hats, to the Macmillan Centre at the University Collage London Hospital and beyond if all goes well, which I am very confident it will.

As per yesterday’s post my very first scarf arrived on Tuesday barely a few hours after I had put pen to paper or rather finger to iPad.

I shall bag all donations and include your blessings or messages I write that will pass on positive vibes and your good wishes of health, love, hope and happiness.

It is my ultimate belief that the power of language cannot be underestimated in the healing process and the brain and body connection. ( I can feel another blog topic coming on!).

I have contacted Three Counties Radio to see if I can put an appeal out through their show so hopefully will receive a reply from them shortly.

Any second hand scarfs or hats kindly donated I will sell on ( at my Village Secrets parties etc) 100% of the profits will go to Macmillan. My new Village Secret venture will also give a minimum of 10% of all it’s other profits to Myeloma Research.

Secondly my guardian angel space guide Janet is running the London Marathon to raise money for research into blood and bone cancers. Now I don’t consider that fun one little bit but I am very pleased she is doing this as I need these guys to find me a cure pretty quickly!

Please see her giving page here. She is attempting to raise £2,000 has 65 days to go and is up to £260 so far this has got to be doable and certainly worth all the effort.


Thirdly the lovely wig/ scarf lady, Nicola, is shaving off her own hair to raise funds , I’m not sure I would consider that fun either but it’s a very kind and brave gesture. I haven’t got any details as to how to donate to that yet but will try and find out more when at the hospital again today.

Got them now!


So Happy Valentines Day. I really don’t like all the commercialising that often surrounds these various days that pop up, but we can use the opportunity (as we should every day in my humble opinion) to spread the love between each other. So get out there and giveaway some of your valuable time by using the power of language ( body or verbal), and do it, through a simple smile, warm hug, kind word or a card left on someone’s pillow.

Have fun sharing your love around today and receiving lots back in return.

I love you all !


PS I can’t let it go unsaid as to how delighted I am to have my sister, Kate, back in the UK and by my side ( honestly she had only been gone a week). Kate has just returned from Africa helping out with for a totally unrelated but very valuable cause, rescuing donkeys that make a huge difference to their families lives in The Gambia. Please follow the link below to their website to find out more.


4 thoughts on “Putting the fun into fundraising and spreading the love on Valentine’s Day.

  1. I have a scarf to drop round, I will call in on my way back from work around 3.30, if you aren’t in I’ll leave by back door. Take care 🙂

  2. These are all great ideas, Deb. Keep up the good work!

    Could I also add my own Valentine’s Day message? Valentine’s Day is all about the heart, which is about living and loving.

    So, if you want to give a loving gift for life, you could consider giving blood or registering to donate stem cells or organs:
    Stem cells: http://www.anthonynolan.org/what-you-can-do/save-a-life/online-application.aspx
    Blood: https://secure.blood.co.uk/enrol.asp
    Organs: https://www.organdonation.nhs.uk/how_to_become_a_donor/registration/consent.asp

    In the USA, 14 Feb is National Donor Day… It’d be great to instigate it here too. Please consider, then go ahead and do it. Today someone needs your blood and/or your stem cells – they may not be able to wait… It’s easy and virtually painless. You don’t need a special national day to register, you could do it any day. So why not today? How much more loving an act could you perform?

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