I’ve never had much time for sleep and always considered it rather over rated. There are so many exciting things to do that I don’t want to waste my time sleeping the hours away. Now sleep is being forced upon me sucking the creative energy from my weary bones.  Yesterday I slept most of the morning and much of the later afternoon, punctuated with tea and scones with friends and family , which was lovely. Frustratingly, I open my eyes to see the canvas and paints awaiting me but my energy levels are not matching my artistic desire’s.  I must succumb ( I really don’t like that word) be patient and wait for the moment. I wonder if Luxozade would help? No perhaps a large vat of Red Bull!

Sunday is a traditional day of rest, I shall pace myself. Colin will ring the church bells whilst I take a leisurely bath, Uncle Jack is treating us to lunch and then fingers crossed I shall get started on my masterpiece.
I shall let you know how I get on.
Yesterday my brother face- timed me from Jamaica, how amazing is that! I look forward to him coming home though as I would really appreciate a brotherly hug. I do hope him and Jo  have had a good rest in the glorious sunshine .
Happy Sunday

4 thoughts on “Sleep…

  1. My world clock says that it’s now 4.50 a.m. in the UK! You certainly are burning the candle at both ends, as it were! Looking forward to seeing your work of art, when completed.
    Hope you have a good family lunch today: send everyone my love. Mo. xxx

  2. Sleep is a great healer. Let it happen. All the creativity will be there when you wake. Loving the iPhone!! See you soon. Thinking of you bothAngelaxx

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