Getting the balance right

I have been writing this blog for about 7 weeks now (39 posts altogether) and I am very grateful to know there are people out there actually enjoying it. Having only just scraped through an English GCSE writing wasn’t something I ever considered doing but I must admit I am enjoying it more than I thought.

Welcome to the Parallel Universe was intended as a way to share the experiences and progress into my new world and to feel I wasn’t alone on my journey. It certainly has done that and is much easier to bare knowing I have you all on board.

Looking at my statistics I am overwhelmed by the number of followers, views and comments I hope this continues to grow so please forward my blog on to any one you think may be interested.

Blog stats to date:

61 blog followers
117 Facebook followers
95 Twitterer’s

The important thing to me now is to get the balance right, as this blog seems so much more than charting my space like travels. It provides me with the opportunity to share with you all the experience and knowledge I have gained throughout the years of working within mental health, training as a psychotherapist, parenting, teaching and much more.

But I do so want to get the balance right and share with you the parts that you might find useful in your own lives. My audience is varied , many of you work in similar fields, some of you are friends and family interested to know how I’m doing, some are fellow myeloma sufferers, and who knows who else is reading. ( There may be even a famous celeb or two) So I do like to mix the blogs up a bit.

Let’s have a look at some of the emotional health sort of subject matter I have shared so far and explore I few ideas that may be of further interest. I can then get my thinking hat on.

The knowledge share so far:

Different maps of the world- how we all perceive things based on our own experiences, values and beliefs
Visualisation- techniques for achieving our goals
LAMBSS – emotional and mental health balance
The BrainBox – a useful resource
Taking care of ones self- the importance of being selfish
Re-framing – looking at situations in a different light
Story telling – making use of metaphors
Pushing buttons- owning our own feelings

Possible future ideas worth sharing?

Anger management using the BrainBox
The power of hypnotherapy
More about Neuro Linguistic Programming
Human Givens Psychotherapy
Cognitive behaviour therapy
Self harm
Anxiety and phobia’s
Time lines – living in the moment
Different preferences- auditory, visual, kinesthetic
Managing today’s teens – I have some great resources I could share.
Children’s mental health
Exam stress – coping and preparing or supporting your teen
Improving self esteem
General mental ill health

So as I have already said (several times i think), It is about getting the balance right, so these topics will be interspersed with various ramblings from every day life in the Parallel Universe. Of course I must keep you up to date with any exciting forth coming hot dates. And then there’s the a Village Secret event ( which I am also very excited about), the ‘Especially for You’ scarf donation appeal, my 50th birthday charity festival and just every day life as a cancer patient ( back down to reality!).

Let me know what interests you and I shall blog it. Funny word blog but preferable to succumb!

I have a feeling today’s going to be a good day for us all but before I go I must share something that I love receiving and you can have too for free. There are no strings attached.

It is a message from the universe that’s emailed to you daily. You just need to sign up at :

Today I received this one from the universe:

Often, Deborah, simply showing up is enough.
Because the friends, abundance, and health you now dream of possessing have long been in place.
Because the coincidences, surprises, and serendipities that will transform your life already lie in wait for your passing.
And because little else could speak louder of your belief in success than physically putting yourself in a position to receive.
It’s fun to stay at the YMCA,
The Universe

How amazing is that?


PS. How many exclamation marks in this posting? ….Only 2 I think! 😉

8 thoughts on “Getting the balance right

  1. Not sure this comment will help.
    Firstly, you will have no memory of me but I remember you as Kate’s fragrant, funky impossibly cool older sister.
    Secondly, and being of a similar age to your little sis. We did GCE ENGLISH. Or in my case. Failed CSE ENGLISH.
    GCSE ENGLISH? Tsk tsk
    I am sending you happy thoughts from New Zealand. And thank you for the Robot story. I read it to 4 yo Jack but it was more for me.

  2. People you don’t know are following your blog and yesterday I was asked if it would be ok to forward your blog to a cancer sufferer in USA I said I was sure you wanted to help anyone you could. That has always been your wish ever since you were small to help people and I am so very proud of you.
    With lots of love mum

    • My beautiful daughters make me feel very proud and its a lovely feeling, like you have achieved something really good and worthwhile in your life. It’s good to know you can feel this too. Just look at all us three kids happy and successful you have played an important part in that so Thank You x

  3. Hi deb, I look forward to reading any of the subjects listed, it is all very interesting. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s blog. Still waiting for that book!!! Take care 🙂

    • If you mean the Sticking Plasters one just click on the link to read it. mAybe your waiting for the Me day book? It’s on the to do list xxx

  4. Dear Deborah I hope this little note finds you well. I wrote to you a few weeks ago and am a friend of Amanda Middleditchs’…..I was in Letchworth town at the weekend and found Sherbert Lemons and immediately thought of you!! I have left you a `stash’ and 2 scarves as a donation with the Landlady of the Three Horseshoes Hinxworth…she kindly said she would drop them off to you for me – enjoy! God Bless x

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