70 days later and three cycles completed

Has it really been that long since I received the unwelcome  phone call confirming my Myeloma diagnosis? Doesn’t time fly when your having fun.

I am now three down  in the ’21 day’  PADIMAC trial cycles. So halfway there if I am to go on and get the full set of six.

So far it has gone relatively well considering the large doses of toxins I am having pumped in to my body. The idea of having such an intense period of chemo over a relatively short period of time,  is to promote a longer period of treatment free time before enduring the Stem Cell Transplant.

I quote below from the trial information

” The overall aim of the trial is to provide a reliable estimate of the 2-year PFS (progression-free survival) for patients who receive no further treatment after achieving a major response to induction therapy with PAD (Bortezomib(Velcade),  Adriamycin and Dexamethasone). Multiple myeloma (MM) is a cancer of white blood cells called plasma cells. The recent incorporation of new agents with significant activity against MM (such as bortezomib) into frontline regimens has resulted in high overall and complete response rates prior to ASCT (autologous stem cell transplant)”.

So just to recap , the idea is to give me as long a period of cancer free time (remission) as possible prior to the inevitable stem cell transplant.

Apart from the recent bone pain, which threatens to disrupt the whole programme it IS working well and my  numbers are dropping fast. So it looks like I shall be one of the lucky ones as I am on my way to a complete response.

Most exciting of all , I now have a whole ten chemo free days to go before cycle four commences. I just hope I will be able to continue on the trial despite the side effects. I will find this out on Tuesday when I next see the consultant.

I am learning to live more in the here and now, although my brain does regularly revert to thinking about the future which is not good when I start worrying about the inevitable hospital treatment ahead or even worse a shortened life span!

If I must think further ahead I need to limit it to concentrating on next weeks exciting Village Secret event and July’s Summer Birthday Party Festival.

For now I shall just think about tonight.

Tonight I am going to take good advantage of my chemo free time. Together with our best friends and family we are going for a night out on the town. I shall prepare well with an afternoon nap then allow a good period of time to dress and make up. I shall dose myself up with pain killers and get ready to dance the night away just like the old days.

My taste buds are back, (a temporary reprieve, before the next round of chemo) so I shall eat delicious foods and maybe even sneak in a glass or two of alcohol.

I will organise a Sunday of rest to overcome any night before hangovers.

Well a girl can dream and I will have a go at all of the above anyway.

I wonder what you all have planned?

There are more tickets going so if you are free why not come and join us at the Letchworth Arts Centre?  See link below


Have a great weekend however you decide to spend it.

7 thoughts on “70 days later and three cycles completed

  1. Nice to read another blog today mum. Lets hope the trial continues. Be nice to have you nagging me for a while longer. Was nice to see you a bit yesterday with some energy back. Elliot loved “ring-a-ring-a-roses”. Love you forever xxx

  2. Time certainly passes quickly somehow, and it’s great knowing that under the circumstances this particular time passing is doing so much good to your bones and so much bad to your imaginary rats…lol
    Don’t worry – I’m still here and reading it all, just not always able to comment.
    Most of the recent posts are like going back to my uni days…lol. Refreshing thoughts with much familiar knowledge that is used daily by your committed team that is still doing the good work out there helping many many young people weekly.
    The team misses you greatly even if you think we’re doing well without the ‘big momma’, and we’re all looking forward to have you back at some point to guide us through that crazed-up drawing of Step2 journey on the wall. It kinda stops at 2014, and I thought it may be nice if you would continue the drawing after that date, and we could put it on the wall as a continuation.
    What d’ya say?
    (just another tiny job for you on top of the other hundreds of them you have self-created..)
    p.s. Enjoy your day.


      • Fantastic!
        And have a fab village secrets. We’ll be trekking the Sahara that time… can’t wait!

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