One minute I am perfectly OK the next…

… I am doubled over in pain, in my right side just under my ribs. I think it is just the nature of myeloma and/or the effects of taking so many drugs. I was doubled over and in agony scoring myself 10/10 for pain. I didn’t know what to do with myself and I was so surprised as it came on so suddenly. It was very frustrating as the last thing I wanted to do on a snowy Saturday was to visit A&E but following a call to my cancer specialists and an increased dose of pain killers this was the advice given. So I opted for a trip to Addenbrooks and after a 3 hour wait I eventually got to see a doctor. He couldn’t have been kinder or more professional. I had a chest x-ray to check for pneumonia and my bloods taken. All were OK and after a discussion with my cancer doctors and a dose of Oramorph it was agreed that I could go home as long as I promised to come back if the pain increased again and I would see my cancer doctors as soon as possible next week. I was so doped up on medication I could hardly keep my eyes open and managed to get a good nights sleep without the help of my sleeping tablets.

This morning the pain is still there but not nearly as bad, so I think today will be spent resting, as you know by now not my favourite thing to do, but yet again I must succumb!

I am so annoyed as I really need to help Kate out and clear up all the Village Secrets stuff that is still scattered around her house. Never mind I know she will understand.

Whatever will happen next?

I hope you all have a restful Sunday if that’s what you desire.

Much love


6 thoughts on “One minute I am perfectly OK the next…

  1. Sorry to hear this Debbie and hope the pain soon goes. And you don’t get too bored today xxx
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  2. Dear Deb, so sorry to hear you now have to suffer pain as well everything else. Sealy says Parastika which is a Greek saying when one is ill meaning hoping this will pass. Thinking about you every day and readin your blog every morning. I’m sure you know, but yiu can do bright light visualisation on that pesky pain and feel it as the sun radiating through you. Lots of love and here for you whenever and for whatever you need. Xxx

  3. I once woke up (mid-PADIMAC) with a feeling like I’d dislocated my ribs. I could even feel a lump sticking out of my back. An afternoon in A&E (where at least I got treated like a VIP) but we never found a cause, and the pain sudsided over the next 48 hours. Myeloma pain is tricksy and mysterious, but I’m pretty sure we’re not making it up.

    Strength to you, Deborah, and make sure you allow yourself to rest sufficiently.

    • Thank you for sharing this Alex I am feeling much better today and wondering if I had imagined it all! You are so right Myeloma is certainly mysterious and you never quite know what is going to happen next.

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