The week ahead

Luckily the pain in my side is being well controlled by the double dose of Tramadol and except for a visit to the hospital on Tuesday I have a free week ahead.

So how shall I spend my time? I do have a little job I want to get on with for our Chief Exec at work which could be quite interesting, I have my book to write, my painting to finish, a spa day voucher and a facial voucher (two different places) to use up, my stone painting day to go on and so many TV programmes and films to watch.

How could anyone ever be bored?

I would love to be a columnist for a newspaper or magazine but unfortunately I didn’t hear any more from the editors I contacted. 😦

I don’t know how I am ever going to return to a full time job but unfortunately finances dictate and I will need to return at the end of my six months on full pay, otherwise I go down to half pay. The problem is, I worry that I won’t be well enough because my days are so unpredictable. I also have my stem cell harvesting to go through once my chemo has finished. This is also worrying me a little because I have to inject myself with a growth hormone for about ten days prior to having my stem cells being removed. It is a shame because I love my job but may need to consider other options for the future. There is the possibility of cashing in my pension early due to ill health but that won’t last long and I will still need to find some work. Perhaps I could do some private mental health training or therapy?

So many things to think about, I think I just need to take each day as it comes because with myeloma you never seem to know what is going to happen next.

I think I will just have a lie in this morning then sort out all the clothes and shoes left over from Village Secrets and put them on eBay or something.

I hope you all have a good day, don’t work too hard!

Love Deborah xxx

7 thoughts on “The week ahead

  1. I’m glad the pain is under control, it doesn’t seem like you have time to feel poorly with all the exciting things you have to do. If I were you I’d have a duvet day today, it’s far too cold to do anything else !!! Take care xx 🙂

  2. Good advice from Shaz…duvet day is a must. Get your remaining stock back on ebay. It will give you something positive to do, keep your cash flow positive and then offers the opportunity for another buying spree next time you have itchy fingers in the middle of the night. x

  3. Glad you’re feeling better today, and agree with advice to date from Sharon, Jo and Jem, and try to have a chill out day and get plenty of rest. xx

  4. Ditto above. You need to concentrate on getting well. You’ve spent years working and woriing about others. Give yourself and break and let your mind and body relax. loads of luv xxx

  5. Hi Deborah! I was also on PADIMAC and (like you it sounds like?) lucky enough to respond well. I had 4 cycles and a harvest but no SCT (saving that for a rainy day or hopefully never!) Ditto I have the sick pay arrangements as in the public sector. I know everyone is different, but just out of interest I had a total of 8 months off: 6 on full pay, 2 on half pay. PADIMAC ended in September, I did my harvest 22 October, and started work late Jan. I’d thought about returning at the start of Jan but I really just needed the time to recover and get back into life, plus had a few family complications at the time to deal with. NB the chemo (cyclophosphamide) of the stem cell harvest is itself pretty powerful. I’m now doing a phased return – don’t know if that is an option for you but do ask about it (your pay returns to full pay and you gradually build up – very enlightened and practical). It was a big transition (though i’m really enjoying it now) so I recommend not rushing back before you’re ready. I’m sure if you think about it there are things you’ve saved money on by being ill – so don’t sweat it if you need time on half pay. And anyway, like people say, sod it – you’ve worked hard enough and long enough, try to take a step back. Something will work itself out! Though like you I did find myself thinking about it/ mulling over various scenarios a long way before I went back to work, so maybe it’s just a natural part of thinking ahead when you near the end of treatment (which itself as people often say can be a particularly tough time pyschologically once you get time to process things etc – but it does pass!!) Anyway, good luck for the next stage. I’m on the myeloma UK forum if you ever want to drop me an email. Mainly avoiding ‘myeloma internet’ nowadays and getting on with life, but I do enjoy dropping in on blogs from time to time! Helen

    • Thank you Helen It is great to hear a success story from the PADIMAC trial. I will be put on a phased return to work, the NHS is very good about these things and I work for a very supportive trust. If I do have to go on half pay for a couple of months I am sure we will manage. It was a big transition suddenly being off sick and not working at all and I expect it will be another transition returning to work. Deborah xxx

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