So here I am…

…with a lovely view of London, in my own private hospital room. I was admitted to hospital yesterday as I was complaining of the pain in my right side and I had so show developed a fever.

The photo above was prior to me moving to the ward.

As you will have probably guessed I tried everything I could to persuade them to let me go home but they weren’t buying into the idea. I was moved over to the Tower which is in the main part on the University College Hospital in London and I must admit is much better than the Lister.


I am in my second luxury room since they decided to move me at midnight! The reason they told the nurse in charge of my new ward was that I needed a room with oxygen? But I soon let him know that they must have got that bit wrong as I have never been on oxygen before and I couldn’t think why I would need or now. The room is large and very clean with its own ensuite shower room. The room has its own fridge, TV, Internet access, and bed settee so your relative can make up their own bed and stay the night if desired. Colin however chose to go home which I think was for the best. The doctor was very thorough and so far I have had a full examination, bloods taken, a chest and abdomen X-ray and an ultra sound scan of my liver, pancreas, gall bladder, kidneys, bladder and gall bladder. All are fine except for my liver which is no surprise as I have Polycystic Liver Disorder. This is a heredity disease which means my liver is coveted in cysts. Colin was very brave and observed the whole process. I do have some rather large cysts at the moment some of which are 9cm in diameter which could account for the pain. None however seem to be bleeding so that doesn’t account for my fever.

Over night my temperature has gone down so fingers crossed I may get to go home today. This is however a bit like staying in at least a 3 star hotel. The nurses couldn’t be more attentive and although I had missed lunch and supper they brought my a healthy NHS snack box which included a roll, butter, cheese, satsuma, yoghurt and apple juice.

I was pleased to see that the ward I was moved to was another haematology ward but this time for young adults, so even with my shaved head they must have thought I fitted that criteria.
I wasn’t however so happy with the suggestion of talking to the palliative care nurse about pain management. I was in fact quite taken aback and asked the doctor if I was seen as a palliative care patient as I had fears of being put on that Liverpool care pathway!

Please excuse any errors in today’s post as it has been written with ought my glasses which I stupidly left at home. Good job however that I keep an overnight bag in the car for such eventualities, so I do have most things I need.

Happy A great Good Friday.

Deborah x


14 thoughts on “So here I am…

  1. Hi Deb

    So sorry you’ve ended up in UCH again, but at least you know you’re getting the best possible care. Hope you’ll be out soon. In the meantime enjoy the fabulous view and the 3+ star luxury!
    Thinking of you.

    Mo xxxxxxx

  2. Deborah,
    sorry to hear that the pain did not go away and that you had a fever. Still good to hear that you are taken care of in a good and professional way. I hope that you will soon be better so that you can go back home. I wish you all the best and think of you. Nina xxxx

  3. Oh Deborah, you look proper miserable in that photo. I hope you got a good night’s sleep and feel a bit more cheery this morning.

    As you’re probably beginning to realise, it goes like this with myeloma from time to time – odd infections, fevers, etc. So glad you’re being well looked after. Haematology wards and nurses are fab in my experience. Be very glad you didn’t have to go to a Specialist Receiving Unit – a misnomer for sure. Anyway, if your temperature’s down, I’m sure they’ll kick you out soon. So enjoy the rest and the view while you can. x

  4. Oh you do look gloomy but feel you are entitled too Hope they realise you today and you feel better lots of love Xxxxx

  5. In days of yore,being sent to the Tower meant off with your head!
    Thinkingof you and hope they send you home very soon
    Love Jack

  6. Hi Deborah

    Sorry to read you are having to take an unscheduled “holiday.” Enjoy the view and the room service, I’m sure you’ll soon be home.

    Lorna A. x

  7. Sorry you had to stay over, but at least you have a lovely room with a view and are being well looked after. Hopefully they will let you home today. If you need anything let me know. Take care xx💐

  8. Sorry you had to stay in hospital, but sounds like you’re in great hands. Hope they let you go home soon, but in the meantime enjoy the lovely view. xx

  9. Oh Debs,so sorry to see that you are in hospital but it does seem that they are looking after you really well.We are just praying that this will be a very short blip and that soon you will be home and in far less discomfort.Meanwhile,we send all our love.xxxx

  10. I had the palliative team come see me last summer when I had totally lost control of my pain. Doesn’t make you feel good! But they do know what they are talking about. It really would be nicer, from a myeloma patient’s point of view, if pain management was categorised someplace else!

    Here’s hoping you are home soon

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