Getting prepared.

Last night a group of twelve lovely generous girls (we are all girls in my book whatever our age) gathered together to prepare for the best ever Charity Birthday Party.  I am very grateful and touched by so many people willing and wanting to help at a time when I don’t have the same energy or strength that I used to have. Without them this event couldn’t happen and it would just remain a dream.

There was plenty of debating and some comprimisers that had to be made if we are to make as much money as possible for charity but still make this a fabulous event. Together we decided to model the party on a party in the park type of event as trying to provide food for 150 people (we have had to limit the numbers) was becoming too expensive and complicated especially as I wanted to keep the ticket price down at £10,00/ person. So we are therefore going to have an evening picnic party at The Place and ask people to bring along their own picnic and drinks and we will provide the live music, a jug of Pimms and bottle of wine per table, nibbles and strawberries and cream so it’s still very good value for money. We will also have a great raffle to try to raise even more money for Myeloma Research so are looking for some high quality raffle prizes. My very generous brother and his partner have already donated a Spa weekend away.


A big barn clearing and cleaning weekend has been organised and Colin is frantically chopping up all the remaining wood to get that out of the way. He will also need to start spraying the fields soon to keep the weeds down ready for mum and Shirley to start sowing the wild flower seeds. I think I shall need to put one of my mannequins out there to scare away the birds.

So that people can have a drink without worrying about driving home, we are suggesting they can bring a tent, caravan or motorhome and park up in the field if they want to.

I hope we will have glorious sunshine on the day, but just in case it pours down we are hoping to get hold of some large marquee’s for extra shelter and warmth. Kate will be providing some straw bales to sit on but we also have quite a few chairs and tables between us all. It does get chilly as the evening goes on so when we are not dancing the night away we will need to huddle together under warm blankets I think. Whatever happens we will make it a fun night out under the stars with the most amazing exciting live band, the CC Smugglers who I am sure will get us all on our feet and some romantic tunes from the very talented and rather hot singer, David Mills.

It was a good evening with lots achieved, a few glasses of wine shared and the odd dogging conversation. Many of us now own our own dogs and Barbs has just got a very handsome new 7 month old Labrador puppy 😉

Today I am off to the hospital yet again, this time my sister is kindly driving me down and joining me for the consultation. Hopefully I will find out when I am recommencing my chemo treatment. I really want to get the whole thing over and done with especially to get it out of the way in time for the party.

Have a great Tuesday

Deborah x

7 thoughts on “Getting prepared.

  1. It was a good evening among people who all have one thing in common. We are all there for Deb and Colin. What can be organised and sorted in a couple of friendly hours is amazing. If Lord Sugar is looking for an apprentice get to the next meeting!!
    Hope today goes well Deb. All positive thoughts with you today. Angela

  2. It is a pleasure to get involved in your party preparations, it was a lovely evening with lovely people. I hope all goes well today. Take care. 😋

  3. It’s great to be of help. I’ll send over a picture of the Buzz patio fire to you later so you can get an idea where to position it.
    All the best with your appointment today. xx

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