That Friday feeling

Do you have it? Unfortunately I don’t, in fact it is hard to know what day it is. That’s what happens when you don’t have the routine of work. Yesterday was spent sleeping and when I wasn’t sleeping I was feeling as if I should be as I felt so tired. I wonder if some one can have too much sleep? Maybe if I treat myself to a Crunchie today I will get that Friday feeling?

I think I should force myself to do something today so I shall start off with a nice relaxing bath using the bath bomb kindly given to me on Wednesday by Pauline. Then I will have a rest because a bath usually exhausts me before going to visit my daughter and if I can manage it the supermarket.

I wonder what it will be like when I get my energy back? I hope never to take it for granted again. Being pain free will be a luxury as will not having to take so many pills.

Still I do know this time will pass and I am constantly being told how well I am doing especially as I am in the middle of treatment.

Sometimes I do think I am in a parallel universe or some kind of dream and I will wake up soon and feel my long dark hair and hurry myself off to the office for another day at work.

The weekend is coming and hopefully the sun will be shining. We may take our motor home out for a run, so if you see a rather old odd looking vehicle give us a honk on the horn,
Have a good one.



3 thoughts on “That Friday feeling

  1. Hey Deb this time will pass,the van looks fantastic, think about September ,France sun, sea, treatment finished. Way to go eh! See you soon. Angela.

  2. Was great to see you. Yaaay full length mirror woohoo!!!! How did I last since August without one? Lol see you again soon xx

  3. Hope you managed to have a relaxing bathxx lets hope the sun comes back so you can sit and enjoy that breathtaking view and let the rays surround you with warmth and maybe ease your pain xx

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