The week ahead.

Once I had got my pain under control yesterday turned out to be a good day. The sun was shining and it was lovely to see Pollyanna and Lucy who kindly brought me some scarves for my charity and maple syrup all the way from Canada where it is made. Did you know that maple syrup comes from the sap of a tree? The sap is harvested in the spring from the Maple tree and then the liquid is boiled so that the water is evaporated. Each tree produces between 10-20 gallons of sap. I love maple syrup especially when my taste goes as I can still recognise very sweet things so I add it to my banana smoothies.

Later in the afternoon we were visited by Kate and her two good friends Vicki and Andy. They own an events company and are very kindly going to help us make the Summer party very special indeed. They had some great ideas about lighting and staging and are very generously going to come a few days before the party and decorate the barn, I may even get a disco ball! Andy also had the good idea of providing a few BBQ’s so that people could bring their own food to grill in the evening. We are therefore looking into where we can get hold of some really large BBQ’s which we shall set up in the second barn.

I am getting very excited about the party now as it all seems to be coming together. I am really looking forward to seeing my nephew who is flying over from LA along with other guests coming quite a distance from Hong Kong and Sweden. There will also be another very special childhood friend who I never did manage to meet up by the fountain down the road 😉

Today I am back for my last round of beetle juice, for the time being anyway. So it’s going to be quite a busy week travelling backwards and forwards to London every day except for Friday which will need to be a day of rest. At least I am now the proud owner of a blue badge so that will make walking to the hospital easier, if I feel too tired to walk from the car park Colin will now be able go drop me right outside and not have to pay the congestion charge.
It will also be very useful when going shopping to Cambridge the trouble is I am usually too exhausted to go round more than one shop. Never mind the blue card is valid for 3 years so hopeful my energy levels will increase considerably before it runs out.

It will be good to visit floor 2 and my Parallel Universe again, I have missed some of the friends I have made up there and trying to grab the tea lady to ask her for a salad for lunch, if I miss that opportunity I will have to put up with what they call a palatable corned beef sandwich.

Well it looks like it will be another warm day, can we dare to believe that spring is finally here to stay?

Have a good one!

Deborah x

6 thoughts on “The week ahead.

  1. Morning:) good luck with the week ahead.. glad your feeling a little better yes the sun is definitely popping its rays out :):):) fingers crossed it will stay xx

  2. So, we will go in to the fourth and final round toghether. I will get the first Velcade together with the chemo on Tuesday. I hope that all goes well for you this week! Take care. Nina xxx

    • Yes NIna my myeloma buddy, good luck with your treatment, lets hope we get it all out of the way ready for my summer party in July. xxx

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