How could they refuse….

…a face like that!

Honestly what do I look like? Don’t answer that!  Being the proud owner of a blue badge does have some good benefits including not needing to pay for our parking and it being closer to the hospital. And just think of my next shopping trip out, I just need to go whilst on my steroids it’s such a shame that I only get those on the same days I have to attend for my chemo.



I am feeling good as the steroids have kicked in so I have started writing this blog the night before. I am wondering what sort of night I will have? It will be a fight between the Amitriptyline and Dexamethasone. I can just see it on the Harry Hill show. There is only one way to find out…. ‘FIGHT

I shall have to let you know who wins in the morning, you will probably be able to tell by the time the blog goes up tomorrow morning.

Well they both put up a good fight but I think the Steroids are slightly ahead of the game as I would usually be still asleep now without them. I haven’t been knocked out all night either, with the steroids interrupting my sleep, when it could. At least I should be able to enjoy a day with more energy today it’s a bit of a shame it is broken up with another visit to the hospital at midday. I tell you I could do with a few of these steroids for the day of my party. I have never been an advocate of drugs although I can understand the benefits of prescription drugs when required I suppose, but I have seen too many GP’s turning to drugs all too quickly for people with depression without perhaps exploring other options first. I do however know I couldn’t manage without the enormous amount of medications I am now on especially those for pain. I can also better understand those accessing illegal drugs especially before a gig as the steroids definitely enhance your performance and give you extra energy, not that I am advocating illegal drugs in any way though as you never know what they have put inside these things, never mind it being against the law. The problem is when you get round to having to stop them. I have to stop my large dose of 20mg suddenly (at least they have been reduced from 40mg because of the side effects) with no titrating down. This can cause quite a low period as I go from feeling great to being back to having to lie there most of the day on the sofa.

Still lets look at the bright side, I shall try and use the extra energy I have to work on my party invitations. These should be ready to be emailed out by next week, I hope so people can put the date firmly in their diaries,if they haven’t already, and we can get a better idea of numbers. At the moment it looks like we are up to about 140 and that is just with friends and relations. 150 is really our optimum amount of people in the space we have available. We are borrowing a couple of large marquee’s just in case of rain. We are also hoping to get hold of some large BBQ’s to borrow so people can use those if they fancy bringing stuff to cook with their picnic. I feel really confident that this Party is going to the best ever with so many kind people helping out, an exciting band and great live singers also so many old and new friends coming along.

Yesterday whilst having my beetle juice I was visited by my nephew Ed from my first marriage. I hadn’t seen Ed for many years (at least 10 I think) so it was lovely to see him having grown up into such a lovely articulate young man. It was fascinating to hear about his job as a navel architect. I had never really heard of such a thing and he is working only across the road from the hospital, far away from any sea. He is currently working on a project to do with oil rigs and ensuring the one he is currently working on, much more stable than it is. I was delighted to see him and it took my mind off the chemo, but the poor lad was having to experience my drug induced chattering.

I also received an email from a childhood friend and another contact from a work colleague that really cheered me up. There are so many good people in the world, and having cancer has opened my eyes to so many positive experiences that I am even more Pollyanerish than ever.

I have also come to learn that my lovely husband and sister have put me in for a local award in the comet newspaper. People who know me well know how much I love awards and have collected quite a few already. If you would like to ensure I win this one and you think I am at all worthy of it, you can add your penny’s worth before April 26th by going to;

So Colin is driving me down to my Parallel Universe again today and I have an extra treat in store. I will be attending a beauty and hair, or lack of it, event at The Macmillan centre. Looking at my blue badge photo you can see I badly need it! I shall try and take some before and after photo’s.

Have a good day yourselves today and don’t work too hard. Please try to ensure a good work/ life balance, you will be far more productive if you can achieve this.

Deborah x

3 thoughts on “How could they refuse….

  1. Its so nice to know you have a bit more energy. Hope all goes well today. The party sound fantastic and you will love doing the invites. Laters we can catch up!! have a good day!

  2. I always found the DEX provided quite a bit of pain relief on it’s own – no wonder one is struck down on the sofa the moment the effect wears off. Post DEX days are always a drag. Keep up the positive spirit – that’s what will ultimately carry you through this.

    • Thank you Alex I quite agree and do try to stay positive. Take care of yourself too this seems quite a journey we are on.

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