Happy Birthday to…

…Colin and Sue, two of my most favourite people.  What do you buy a man who doesn’t want anything ……. Socks! But these weren’t any old socks, they were 23 pairs of the best Pringle Socks.


OK not very thrilling but Colin was pleased and getting out isn’t very easy, not that that’s an excuse as there is always the web.

Today we will go on one of our adventures. We won’t be travelling as far as we usually might, in fact we are only going about 17 miles away from home and parking up close to a hospital just for peace of mind. The weather might not be so good but inside our van it will be warm and cosy and full of laughter. We have a birthday cake, Prosecco and our two best friends what more could we ask for?

Yesterday was bright and sunny and that was just me. I was delighted to see our little grandchild walking a bit like a weeble ( those old enough will remember the ‘weeble’s wobble but they don’t fall down’). Mum and Dad, Kate, Lorna and Keith and Shirley also popped in with birthday gifts for Colin. No more socks luckily but some much appreciated scones, rock cakes and a birthday cake, all for our trip away. I get very excited about filing the shelves full of extra special treats and new magazines obligatory for a motorhome adventure.

Today is going to be another good day. We won’t allow a bit of rain to spoil our adventures.

Be prepared for a photo frenzy tomorrow!

Deborah xxxx

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to…

  1. A matching pair of socks is a mans best friend and posh socks an added bonus happy birthday Colin have a great day xx it May be raining but inside the sun is shining xx

  2. What is it about 26th April…..today is also Daughter Annabel’s 14th, Son Tom’s 21st, Our friend Sonja’s XX’th!!!! And,,,,,,if anyone is interested…..Marcus Aurelius (AD121), William Shakespeare (1564) and Rudolph Hess (1894)!

    • Wow there must have been lots of goings on in July, perhaps a lot of people take their holidays and are enjoying themselves then? Please send on my birthday wishes to them all. xxx

  3. A man can never have too many socks! (a bit like women and handbags!!). Happy Birthday to Colin and Sue, and hope you all have a great weekend. xx

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