This blog is getting….

…later and later as I keep turning over and going back to sleep! I have come to enjoy sleep maybe it’s because I am feeling much better now and I feel as if I am choosing sleep rather than having it forced upon me. Yesterday I spent a lot of the day sleeping but it was punctuated by an afternoon visit from Patrick, the retired vicar in the village who has become a friend. It was good to share a rock cake with him and share stories and experiences.

We have been spoit recently by home baking and if I wasn’t going to hospital today I may have a go at baking some scones myself to use up the rest of my clotted cream. I have tried to bake in our Rayburn before but it’s turned out a bit of a disaster however I think it’s worth another try.

We bought our Rayburn for £26 from eBay and its very good but you do have to remember to fire it up in good time as working on just wood and coal it can take time to warm up then judging the temperature and keeping it constant can be quite tricky.


Well off to the hospital this afternoon to see the consultant. I must get together a list of questions to ask him or her (I am never sure which doctor I will see). I especially want to request that I get on with the harvesting as soon as possible, so hopefully I will see Janet today. It feel like a second home now as I have got to know the staff and the lay out pretty well now. UCLH is an example of an excellent hospital (in my humble opinion) and my treatment couldn’t have gone more smoothly. I am really pleased to give something back in return. The Summer party will raise money for research into Myeloma. The research for this is done at the University College London Hospital. This could find the cure and make a difference to lots of people as more and more are being diagnosed with the disease.

Talking about the party, Colin managed to set up the bank account, but I failed at my part of putting the invitation together as I was so dopey yesterday, so I will give it another go tomorrow. It will be done by the end of the week whatever!

Have a good day

Deborah x

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