A bit of exciting news..

…that certainly cheered me up. Yesterday I had a call saying that I had been short listed for, Role Model of the Year, in the local newspaper Comet Community Awards. Isn’t that just great news. Now own up who nominated me? Well a big Thank You anyway, I do so love awards and Colin and I will be sent two tickets to attend the ceremony at the Icknield Centre in Letchworth. Please let me know if you fancy coming along as more tickets can be purchased and it would be good to have some support there.

I failed again yesterday to work on the invitations but maybe my head will be in a better space today. I blame the drugs as the slow release morphine that I take twice a day certainly make me drowsy, no wonder it recommends not to drive whilst you are on them. If any of you are free anytime today and want to give me some help with the invitations I would be very grateful for your time and company.

As I have to accept living with this cancer I am starting to reassess what I should do with my life. I do so love my job but wonder if I can realistically ever return to a full time post. I do however need the money, so I need to visualise making the same amount of money but working less hours. Yesterday evening it was good to chat things over with my sister and Barbs and we mulled over our individual skill sets and what we had to offer the work place. The conclusion was that as individuals and together we have so much to offer. I know how well the brain box works at making a difference to both adults and children it would be a shame not to pursue this further even if its not a great money spinner. There is also my book to finish. My good friend Angela is making a regular income with the book she wrote and Colin published on Amazon. Self publishing can be quite tricky and time consuming so Colin is contemplating how to set himself up a small business doing just that, so please let us know if any of you have written a book you feel needs publishing. Please also let me know if you are looking for a business or life coach as I know just the ideal person to do that too. We are also skilled in training and we all have NLP training among other qualifications. Please get your thinking caps on and if you do have any ideas that I or the three of us could consider ( keep them clean!) leave a comment or send me a private email to deborah.bone@mac.com

I need to get my own thinking brain and positive outlook back into gear, but as I have been advised by many wise fellow myeloma sufferers, it is Ok to have some down days and a good cry now and again. It is not easy living with a disease that at the moment there is no cure for. So please forgive me if I cry on your shoulder every now and again and thank you so much for sticking with me and making writing this blog so worth while.

The sun is shining I hope it stays this way for you all, so you get to enjoy a warm bank holiday weekend.

I really do appreciate how lucky I am to be surrounded by such caring family and friends and to live in such a beautiful house with the most enviable of views. I am not going to let a little bit of cancer get in the way of that. And I should be getting letters dropping through the post soon congratulating me on my wins. Now if that doesn’t get me going nothing will.

Deborah x

5 thoughts on “A bit of exciting news..

  1. If I lived closer I’d have been round to help with the invites weeks ago (OK exaggeration there). I always seem to find it much easier to help someone else with stuff than do any of my own. Weird!

    When I win the lottery I will definitely need a life coach so it’s just a matter of time. 😉

  2. So pleased to hear you’ve been short listed. I’m guessing its Sue and Angela! so you feel the need to cry now and again, you’re human and grieving a loss is part of the acceptance process. But you have many more years ahead of you so live them!

  3. Thinking of you xx im away this weekend and next week coz Im hitting the big one!! but love to pop by again and help out where ever i can… you certainly are on that roller coaster ride .remember its ok to scream .. keep fighting were all behind you xx

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