More ramblings.

It’s 7.15 and I have just woken up to some sort of grinding noise coming from outside. On closer inspection I see Colin using his chain saw. The last two times he did this he cut through the cable, so it does concern me a little! The noise just stopped so I just broke off from writing to check every thing was ok. Colin’s reply to me shouting from the bedroom window was “I just thought I cut through the cord but It’s OK I am wearing gloves” Huh? He also seems to be chopping Willy Nilly any plant or shrub that gets in his way. His parents bought him a chain saw sharpener for his birthday, maybe he has just sharpened his saw and thought he would try it out? It is a worry but he’s a grown man so I will just stay wrapped up warm under my duvet.

Yesterday I had an army of volunteers looking after me. My parents came up to do more gardening, a good friend collected my ironing to do, Colin’s mum baked us more scones and our two best friends came to cheer us up in the evening, armed with a cup full of chocolate raisins. I also received a number of kind emails and comments to the blog. It made me think about what have I got to be sorry about? OK I do have, what is classed (at the moment) as a incurable illness but nobody knows what is just around the corner, and I do have many things to be grateful for. So I have allowed myself a few tears and some angry why me? moments, and I am sure I will have many more of these but in between them I can look around and appreciate the lovely things I do have.

I think I wrote about sleep and how much I am enjoying it in yesterday’s blog. Well yesterday afternoon at about 1pm I sneaked up into the bed in the motorhome and slept until Colin came in with a cup of tea and my medicine box at about 5,15, that’s over four hours sleep, hardly an afternoon nap. This meant that I had enough in me to stay awake for the finals of Masterchef, which I have really been enjoying and Colin has kindly been enduring. I was just about to chat about my views on the winner but have stopped myself just in case you recorded the programme and have yet to see it.

Some people are completer finishers, unfortunately I am not one of them, maybe that’s why I am struggling to get these party invitations finished and sent out. Today could be the day but I’m not making any promises.

I was reflecting on my recent visit to the hospital and I was interested to note the effect a few words had on my own mental and indeed physical health. It was interesting to see that I was quick to pick up on the negative words said by my consultant and how my brain then quickly switched off from the clever intelligent part (the neo cortex) and I started listening with my emotional brain. This part of the brain responded by sending a number of messages to different parts of my body making me feel physically sick. Good job I had Colin by my side. This is all very important to know and think about as a professional or any one else come to think about it. I suppose that is why we learn to give a feedback sandwich when giving any type of feed back this means, just in case you don’t know,  saying something good followed by the negative then the good bit again. We can maybe think about this when speaking to our children? Hmm lots to think about here. The most important message is the power of language. This is not just the words we say but also the tone we use and our body language. Did we ever look into whether we are mostly visual, auditory or kinaesthetic if not let me know and I shall add an exercise in one of my future posts. It really is helpful to know which one you are.

Enough of that I am now starting to get excited about seeing the postman, not that he is particularly fit but rather that he may have a letter with the big words congratulations (I don’t seem to be able to change the font size so it’s bold instead) Mrs Bone you have won….. I am not really concerned about the prize I just like to know I have won.

Time to get up I have some pills to swallow

Enjoy your day

Deborah x

5 thoughts on “More ramblings.

  1. As always Deb you write so well, i must say the blog has been a must read for me every day. keep it up,and bask in the sun today. See you soon. XX

  2. Black coffe and a croissant in the morning would not be the same without your musings and reflections ..Keep it going!
    Love Jack

  3. Did the postman bring you glad tidings, a lovely holiday in the Maldives perhaps? Enjoy the lovely sunshine today, take care xx 🌺

    • Not yet Sharon but maybe today! I did get tickets to the awards event put on by the comet newspaper so that was good x

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