Just a quickie…

…I know I have said that before and ended up going on and on, but this time I mean it. I need to get up and have a bath for today’s outing. Going out anywhere other than the hospital is pretty rare nowadays so it is quite an event. I expect your wondering where I’m off too well don’t get too excited, I’m going to the drop in for a cup of tea at the local Hospice. I would never imagine I would be going there in any other capacity than as a professional. I have been told that Hospices do many things other than care for the dying so I am going to find out. Classed as being terminally ill does have some benefits and I may be able to a access a variety of resources that could help manage my pain. Unfortunately the pain in my legs is getting worse rather than better and last night it woke me up resulting in me taking an extra swig of Oramorph. I am hoping some reflexology or acupuncture might help. As long as it goes by the time of the party I will be happy. Just on the subject of the party did you receive your invitation yet? If you have don’t forget to double click on the attachment to properly see the invitation which clearly shows the date and time. I am a little concerned that the although it looks fine on my mac it may not come out the same on a PC so any problems please just let me know.

Besides that my team manager is coming over for lunch today. I haven’t seen David for a while now and I just hope he will fill me in with what has been happening at Step2. Unfortunately David is a great believer that if you are off sick you need to concentrate on getting better and not be worrying about work. I however find it helps me to know what’s going on although I will probably be a little tearful today as I do miss my old routines although it is nice to sit out in the sunshine, and I am afraid at how I am going to manage to get back into work. The medication I am taking, the majority of which is for pain, makes me so dopey that I am not sure how much use I would be at work right now. Never mind hopefully things will improve. My pain nurse is bringing the psychologist along with her on her next visit as she thinks I may benefit from seeing her again. Maybe she is right as I am a little tearful at the moment. I think this is mostly at the reality of what I have lost and the fear of not regaining my old self.

Oh well I did say this was going to be a short one and any moment Colin will be shouting me down for the bath. Did you know most of my blogs take over an hour to write but I think I have got away with about 20 minutes this time.

Have a lovely day and on your way home from work or when you get 5 minutes to yourself just list the things you have to be appreciative of today then smile because living is good and most of us are very fortunate and privileged.

Deborah x

2 thoughts on “Just a quickie…

  1. Aww glad you’re venturing out today. Although with your lovely views and peaceful garden it’s not always necessary :). Have a nice time & make use of resources. xxx

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