Home visits.

Did you know doctors still do home visits? Well I must admit I thought it was a bit of a rarity nowadays but my GP came to see me at home yesterday. She is only a young girl, well much younger than me anyway, and she came at the request of my pain nurse. It got me thinking that I must be costing the NHS a lot of money. I have the wonderful team at UCLH which includes my consultant, drug trial assistant, and a team of nurses who I can contact 24 hours a day for advice. Then I have a Palliative care nurse who belongs to a team that I can contact 24 hrs/ day for help and advice and now the team of doctors and nurses at the hospice that I can also contact 24 hrs/day if I or Colin are concerned. I am certainly getting my monies worth from the NHS and it makes me feel even more appreciative of the great services it offers. I am hoping with all this help and expertise I will be able to get this pain under control.

The view from my window is very deceitful because according to today’s weather forecast its going to be cold and rainy but I can only see blue skies. The weather forecast is a funny thing. I have often wondered how many times do they get it right, is it 50%? Sometimes they cover their backs by giving every weather combination they could. For instance ‘It’s going to be warm with some cold spots, sunshine in places with rain and perhaps snow and frost in higher places around the country’ It all seems a bit of a guessing game to me.

Maybe life is a bit of a guessing game, you never really know what is going to happen next, what is around the next corner. I wonder if there is a more intelligent race playing with our planet like some elaborate reality matrix game. Moving the pieces around perhaps buying more points or coins to enable the player to send us off in a different direction. Or is it God or the Universe and we are the pawns to be moved around like pieces on a giant chessboard. Where would visualisation fit in to that picture. Are some people just lucky or do we make our own luck. I think it’s a bit of both and a mixture of all of above.

I have been more lucky than unlucky in my life and I intend to keep it that way. I think it’s about how we use or see life and embrace all it has to offer. I have so much more yet to learn and share. I am on a continuous journey and cancer has certainly highlighted some parts of my life that needed changing and it has given me new opportunities to explore.

So much to think about.

Go out and embrace the world today. Imagine it’s going to be your luckiest day ever and that you feel really excited and ready to receive all the gifts coming your way and let me know what happens.

Be excited, today is the day!

Deborah xxx

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