Did you watch Frankie…

…last night on the box. It’s a new drama about a Community Nurse struggling to have a good work life balance with work being given the priority over her relationships. It was all a bit too close to home. When I think how many extra hours I have given to the NHS never mind money I have spent from my own pocket to buy biscuits, lunches etc for work meetings and training. I feel guilty that this was taking something away from my own family. Having said that if asked if I would do it again, I would find it difficult to say no. I think it’s so important to act as a good role model as a single person or whole organisation and that means caring for each other first. If staff don’t feel as if they have been treated well and fairly by the trust they work for its not a good start and doesn’t make us stand out as a caring organisation. Human resources have a very important part to play in the care of patients even though they may never have direct contact with them. This must start with the staff working in Human resources feeling valued and cared for.

If and when I return to work I would love to work more closely with staff to ensure that they feel supported by their organisation and that they are working as part of a big team to provide excellent community care at all times. There should be zero tolerence to bullying in the workplace and staff should feel comfortable to whistle blow if they witness any unsafe or unsatisfactory practice. All NHS Trusts must act in a way that the general public and the staff within those organisations feel they can be trusted and proud of the care delivered. I have always felt very proud of Step2 and would hope that all the staff in our service feel cared for and supported in the excellent care they deliver.

I am not sure who nominated me for Role Model of the year but sadly the tickets have all run out so if you were hoping to come along on the night you might need to go on a waiting list for tickets now. I am also not sure I deserve such a title but I know I did put out a plea through my blog to nominate me if you thought I deserved such an honour. All these ideas seem great at the time but now I feel a little embarrassed and anxious about the night. At least I may get a chance to highlight the importance of good mental and emotional health, I may even be able to put in a plug for our own service although I know we are currently drowning in referrals and the waiting list is growing.

Why are so many more children and families turning to a mental health service for support? I wonder what your thoughts are?

I shall leave that one for you to ponder on but do write and let me know if you think you have the answer.

Deborah x

2 thoughts on “Did you watch Frankie…

  1. Deborah, you are such a fantastic role model and you are deserving of that award! I have been a children’s nurse for 21 years now, and in my career I have found 2 nurses who have inspired me, motivated me to achieve great things, and taught me so much about the kind of nurse I want to be. One is now a nurse consultant, but was the ward sister on my first ward, and over many years we worked together in different roles, and she truly inspired me. I never thought I would meet a nurse quite as inspiring, until I came to work as the staff nurse for school health and health visiting, and I met you! Please never underestimate the positive impact you have had upon my career and my learning, as well as the benefit of all the knowledge that I have gained from you upon my own emotional well-being and that of my son! It is lovely reading your blog. You continue to inspire me every day. Thank-you x

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