And the winner is…..

..wait for it

Deborah Bone Role model of the Year Hip Hip Hooray.

I told you yesterday it was going to be a good one!  The evening started off with Bucks Fizz and canapés. Colin, Mum , Kate, Sue, Angela and myself all huddled around a table as we watched more and more people arrive. As soon as 7pm arrived we went into the beautifully laid out main room and found table number eight. Unfortunately tickets had run out and poor Sue and Angela were relegated to seats at the back of the room, but they were happy enough just to be there and share in the experience. The venue was perfect and we enjoyed a light ploughman’s supper before listening to a local young girl, Roxy Searle, sing a couple of songs brilliantly. The evening was hosted by the very handsome (just thought I had better pop that in as he is likely to be reading this post!) Sky Sports F1 presenter, David Croft. Actually he did a very good job keeping us amused throughout the evening especially when it came round to the raffle. There were twelve awards to be handed out throughout the evening from, Young Achiever to a Good Neighbour Award. For each award the winner was announced by the award sponsor and then to a room of applause the winner came up on to the stage to be presented with a glass trophy and a framed certificate. The other short listed candidates were then called up onto the stage to receive their certificates before returning to their seats. But there was no quick get away for the winner. They were interviewed by Crofty (as he is known in the blurb provided) for what seemed like an eternity. At this point I was almost crossing my fingers that I wouldn’t win. I wasn’t looking my best having struggled to find something that fitted me to wear, which Crofty kindly pointed out, having read yesterday’s blog, and I blamed it on the tablets although secretly I knew it was far too many cream cakes! When the Role Model of the year was announced I listened to the few words spoken about each of the shortlister’s (ok I know there isn’t really such a word but there is now) and was quietly confident that at least one of them were more worthy of the big prize. But then it happened out came my name and up I shot waddling towards the stage drugged up to the eyeballs (legally of course) with a glass of Bucks Fizz to add to the mix, wondering if I would remember anything I would say and thinking this wasn’t such a good idea after all. Of course crafty old Crofty had read all of yesterday’s blog and reminded us all of bits that I had written. All quite embarrassing because I couldn’t remember a word of it. However I filled any possible silences with references of Russell Brand and Jarvis Cocker, of course Crofty hadn’t read that far back. It all seemed to be over pretty quickly and I returned to my table to see the tear stained and proud faces of Kate, mum and my darling husband Colin. It wasn’t too long after that, that the evening came to an end but not before the raffle. This consisted of two spectacular prizes, a rather large left over chocolate Easter Bunny and a night for two at the very exclusive Ibis Hotel in the heart of Stevenage. Well you know by now how I love a raffle, and the proceeds were going towards the Hospice I am frequenting nowadays, so we just had to buy a strip or two. I am however rather glad to say that this time we weren’t so lucky to win one of these elusive prizes but Crofty did an excellent job of making the process very amusing by trying to get the Stevenageimage councillor to point out the tourist attractions in Stevenage. So the evening ended with hugs of congratulations with Sue and Angela and a smooth drive home from Kate who herself deserved at least one of those prizes or at the very least the two night stay in the Ibis!


For full coverage of my winning speech I will try to upload the video Kate kindly took and share the embarrassing moments with you all.

Yesterday was good but I have a funny feeling today is going to be even better. Roll on Postie we are awaiting here whilst snuggled up under the duvet.

Enjoy your day, you too Crofty.

Love Deborah x

20 thoughts on “And the winner is…..

  1. We knew it would be you – congratulations!!!!! So well deserved, we’re so proud of you. Live to you all xxxxx

  2. Many people recently have regaled us with stories of how you’ve inspired them on to great things, this award was so deserved. Well done XXX

  3. how exciting xx what a wonderful end to what sounds like a fabulous evening you look lovely xx and BIG CONGRATS to a very special lady and more than worthy winner .. looks like lady luck is standing firmly by your side xx enjoy your weekend i can almost see you smiling xx:)

  4. A lovely evening during which you became a well deserved winner of your category.
    All your life you have been helping people particularly children and during your illness you have been helping people all round the world with your daily blog. Your blog has been an inspiration to many people and given them the positive vibe they needed.
    A wonderful daughter who inspires everyone she meets.
    With lots of love your mum

  5. Fantastic, well done although we could say it was a given bet for a truly amazing person. Revel in your achievement xxxx

  6. Well done well done Deb, no one could be more deserving of the award than you. Thinking of you so much, and wishing all the family well. Nicola

    • Thank you Anna, I am not so sure I am so deserving of your kind words but they are gratefully received.
      Deborah x

  7. Hi Deborah, congrats on your award and good to hear about the work you do to help others. I did not get a chance to speak to you that night, but did have a quick chat with Crofty afterwards and I suggested that if you had asked to meet Lewis Hamilton that he might have a better chance of making that happen instead of Andrew Lloyd Webber! (As long as you invite me and my son Anand haha!). Spoke to my dad that evening (Santo Mann) and he was shocked to have won his 2 awards, but I bet he was secretly happy that Anand and I had to do the talking for him! Good night all round, and well done to you! Harp

    • Thank you Harp. It was a good evening and congratulations to your dad on winning two awards. It was a bit scary to get up on the stage and talk even if I have done it hundreds of times before, at conferences speaking about mental illness. I did slope off pretty quickly as I was very tired and in quite a bit of pain with my legs. You are probably right about having a better chance to meet up with Lewis Hamilton but when you’re put on the spot you’re mind just goes blank and I was on a lot of medication. Well that’s my excuse any way!
      Best wishes to you and Anand.

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