Living a decadent lifestyle.

Look whose joined me in bed this morning. imageFrodo is not usually allowed on our bed or even upstairs but seeing that we have stolen his space and are still camping out downstairs, I think he can be excused.
Yesterday I spent the whole day in bed, well I have got cancer you know, not that I need an excuse but laziness is not a trait I have or am comfortable with. It is good however to lay in bed when I don’t really need to and it’s more out of sheer naughtiness. So laying in bed yesterday (and you never know, if I dare, perhaps again today) was out of choice and I really appreciated that. As I laid here I watched the world happening around me. Colin busying himself with trying to fix the ride on mower again, thinking he had achieved it, triumphantly waving from the field only to do one lap before puffs of smoke (coming from his ears not the mower) prevented any more and in sheer frustration he started to push the petrol mower around, taking him about three hours to finish. Mummy arriving with moss and plants to fill the hanging baskets and then planted beans and wandered around with the watering can. All this as I lay rather guiltily eating chocolate peanuts and reading my Jerry Springer style magazine. Later cheese on toast was presented to me in bed, followed by the last but two of Kate’s rather lovely home made rock cakes. Then Kate popped by and joined me on the bed as we giggled like naughty sisters do, and checked plans for the party noting who had and hadn’t yet purchased their tickets. If we were going by purchases alone we would only be having fourteen people turn up! I do however know the other hundred or so of you will get round to it very soon. The retired vicar was the next to pop in and share a cuppa and the last of the rock cakes. I then put on a hat (as you do when the vicar arrives) in rather a jaunty fashion as he photographed me, whilst siting up in bed and interviewed me for the next edition of the Village Voice. It all happens here in Hinxworth you know. The next to arrive were Colin’s parents, Keith and Shirley. Shirley bought a food parcel consisting of a homemade toad in the hole and accompanying vegetables, fruit crumble and cream, some rice, cherries, apricots, half a bottle of wine, a bottle of beer, a couple of onions,carrots and potatoes and a tin of fruit. Maybe she knows something I don’t, or is just hankering back to the day she was evacuated from London during the war? Oh yes and I mustn’t forget she bought a very welcome, tin full of homemade rock cakes (just in time as we do hate to be without in case the vicar calls again). Now you might think that was it for the night as by this time it was approaching 7 pm but no our next very welcome guests were Sue and Angela with their little dog Hattie. Colin and Sue went off on a long dog walk whilst Angela and I roared with laughter together, over wine and more kindly donated packets of chocolate peanuts, at the odd and very scandalous stories in the Real People magazine. “Soul Mates – when Angela went clubbing she met a disco diva with a difference” in the story Angela 29 stone and in a wheelchair suddenly realised she was a lesbian as her eyes met across the dance floor with 6 foot tall and 20 stone Cherilyn. Honestly I only bought the magazine for the competitions in it! At an offering of two thousand pounds per story, I suppose people will go to any lengths to get their story published. Instead of writing a book I ought to be thinking up a story I could submit for publication. This is a normal magazine not one of those top shelf (if they still have such a thing)or brown bag saucy mags! Well that was it for the night Colin and I finally settled down to our hot chocolate and still in the same bed in the conservatory I slid further down the duvet for another night of indoor camping.

This morning the sun is shining brightly and the view has only been improved. Why would you get out of bed? Perhaps it wouldn’t be considered as being so lazy if I actually got down to writing a chapter or two today? If this is what retiring is going to be like, bring it on!

I hope all you lovely people, who are going out to work, have a good day. And for any of you who are ladies that lunch please feel free to pop round and share a chocolate peanut or two.

Deborah xxx

PS Apologies for the return of the explanation marks, Uncle Jack!

8 thoughts on “Living a decadent lifestyle.

  1. Wow, sounds like a good & busy day mother :). Me & Elliot hope to see you at the weekend. Off to Standalone Farm with our friends today :). Thanks to Pollyanna for buying me a pass yay! xx

  2. I forgive you!!
    Maybe a bath in asses milk administerd by 2 maid servants would go down well
    Can i peel you a grape….?

    • You can peel me a grape any day, I shall save a few for the party. I look forward to seeing you then, thank you for the email

      Don’t work too hard you have a lovely garden to enjoy.

      That reminds me I should send Daniel and Anne a party invite

      Deborah xxx

  3. Well it sound like you had a lovely day yesterday and lots of company to keep you busy. I hope your day today is just as lovely. Take care xx šŸ˜œ

  4. No fox poo on Frodo now I trust?! Lovely greyhound head he has. We have had greyhound rescues for quite a few years now and just love them to bits.
    Sounds like the decision will be —— drum roll —— retirement? Love, Nicola

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