The visit.

Yesterday after Pollyanna had come and gone, delighted with her birthday gifts and copious amounts of kisses and cuddles, they are never too old for those IMHO (for those not so keyed into text speech this is translated into In My Humble Opinion ), Louise and Daria turned up. Louise is my extremely efficient, on the ball, lovely pain nurse and Daria, my psychologist who I have certainly met my match with and very skilfully doesn’t allow me to try to take over the therapists role. Louise in her usual efficient and assertive manner soon got hold of my GP practice and arranged for me to collect some old and new pain reducing medication. Daria who I am sure she brought along to check that I wasn’t cracking up, and could do a mental health assessment on both Colin and I, meanwhile talked to us both about how we were coping. I seem to not be able to switch off the waterworks at the moment, and through my tears I spoke of my struggle with the pain and tiredness I was experiencing. I was also able to share my frustration at having my harvesting postponed as I had seen this as the last bit of treatment for a while, and that after this, I could get on with recovering and returning to a normalish life, at least or a while anyway. By the end of our conversations I think we all agreed that both Colin and I were going through very natural responces to the situations we found ourselves in and there was no need for extra medication ie. anti depressants for either of us, at this moment in time.

How to be depressed

How to be depressed

The rest of yesterday was spent mostly sleeping and catching up on our recorded programmes such as the last and very brilliant, IMHO (are you getting the hang of this now mum?) episodes of Scott and Bailey.

The sun is shining this morning and today there will be more birthday celebrations for Pollyanna, (she like’s to extend her birthday for as long as possible), and Granny (mum) will bring along a birthday cake and we will be joined by Jem and Elliot for lunch. This is all before Pollyanna and a Rob jet off for a dirty weekend to Paris. Whoops, Pollyanna will never forgive me for this, she doesn’t do dirty weekends, so what I meant to say was that she and her boyfriend were off for a cultural visit to Paris where they will both explore and learn more about the architecture and history of the city.

I am looking forward to having them all here today, but I know I will pay for it later, as I will feel even more exhausted and find it difficult to stay awake for Britain’s got Talent. It will still be very much worth it, especially as Elliot is growing up so fast that even a week makes a difference.

I hope you all have a very exciting weekend to look forward to, if not you can always make your own excitement and I can thoroughly recommend conservatory camping, for bringing on the romance and livening up your relationship. If you haven’t got a relationship or a conservatory your b******* and at this drug fuelled moment I haven’t a clue what to suggest, perhaps a jigsaw puzzle?

Best wishes and do whatever it is with recklessness, after all you only have one life and you never know when that one’s going to be up!

Deborah xxxxx

2 thoughts on “The visit.

  1. Looks like your 24 year old daughter aka me (for those not so keyed into text speech it means also known as)… Doesn’t know what “IMHO means. So maybe I’m “not so keyed into text speech”. HAHA We look forward to seeing you and everyone today. Love Elliot and me xxxx

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