…did my legs hurt yesterday. I had to take up Louise’s advice of more regular Oromorph. It rather put the dampers on the day as it was very distracting.

This morning we are off and I am really looking forward to it, but I was really disappointed in not being able to join in with Colin in preparing the van, as much as would have liked.

The sun is shining brightly here so I hope we will see the same up north. I am looking forward to seeing Aunty’s garden, I just hope she won’t think me very rude if I keep nodding off.

Sorry only a short post as Colin is rubbing my legs with more cocoa butter and I am nodding off again.

Enjoy your holiday from the bank at least they are giving us something!

Love Deborah x

1 thought on “Boy..

  1. Aww “eggs” shows how tired you were. Yet u still wrote a blog. Have a lovely time both of you. Love Elliot and me xx

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