Waking up to the pitter patter…

…no not of a new baby or puppy dog I’m afraid (well I would be if it was, especially the first of those) but the rain, not so much pitter pattering but rather more heavy feet dancing on the roof of our tin can. Both Colin and I slept extremely well except for the interruption of an Oromorph top up at about 1.30am.

It is lovely to be here in Sheffield and we were treated to one of Aunty Judy’s famous roast Sunday lunches with proper home made Yorkshire puddings yesterday, even though it was a Monday. Being here is like being wrapped up in a warm cosy duvet. It is very homely and we are so well looked after. After lunch Colin and I retreated into Helga our Hymer for an afternoon nap, (I blame the tablets), before joining Uncle Ken and Aunty Judy for a Yorkshire brew and home made flap jacks. Chatting away, swapping stories and me learning more about my early childhood. The parties with Jarvis and Saskia, homemade dresses carefully sewn by Big Nannan, who was actually quite small, but bigger than my great grandmother who was known as Little Nannan. It was a lovely afternoon full of laughter and topped off by a very kindly thought of, a bowl of chocolate covered peanuts, in front of Coronation Street.

The signal of the open curtains this morning lets us know that the breakfast lounge is open so I must finish off here. I have been promised a lovely warm bath and a variety of breakfast options.

Have a lovely day and take a moment to remember just how important family are.

Love Deborah .

1 thought on “Waking up to the pitter patter…

  1. Sounds lovely Mum πŸ™‚ except the rain… not any better here though… Sounds like having a lovely time though πŸ™‚ xx

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