A trip down Memory Lane


Me and Jarvis

Leafing through old photo’s with Uncle Ken and Aunty Judy.


Me, Rebecca and little sister Kate

We had such a lovely time it was a shame to leave and Colin felt that the trip had really helped him as we talked about the effect of me having cancer was having on him, on the drive home.

We stopped on the way home for the lovely picnic lunch Aunty Judy had prepared. I then had an hour and a half’s sleep before we carried on with our journey home.

Picnic lunch provided by Aunty Judy

Picnic lunch provided by Aunty Judy

We arrived home at about 5pm to a very excited Frodo who has been well behaved for Kate.

Pain wise, how does one tell when one has reached the peak? My pain just seems to be getting worse and I really want it to start reducing now. The Fenytl patches make me feel much less dopy but the pain is worse so I must talk again to Louise and find out what our next step should be. Other than that there are no other plans for me today as yet.

Best wishes


Scores on the board
Mental health = 5
Physical health = 8

Bloody Pain is preventing me in doing much more 😦

3 thoughts on “A trip down Memory Lane

  1. Amazing how good those photos look,,better than the original!We so loved having you around Colin and Debs,hope that you can come again soon.
    We are praying for the banishment of this awful pain ,the sooner the better too.
    loads of love.xxxx

    • Thank you Aunty. The pain nurse has just been round and they are increasing the strength of my patch so fingers crossed.

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