What do you look forward to?

For me it’s a pain free day. I really don’t like to complain but this blog was designed to be a place I could express my feelings and perhaps help others, especially those myeloma sufferers who are experiencing neuropathic pain.
Peripheral neuropathy may damage both motor and sensory peripheral nerves.
‘Peripheral’ means ‘situated away from the centre’ and refers to the outer areas of the body. ‘Neuropathy’ means ‘disease or malfunction of the nerves’.
Peripheral neuropathy can be acute or chronic. Louise, my pain nurse and I are trying everything we can to find the best combination of drugs to manage the pain. Not only is the pain very debilitating but the disease can also cause muscle weakness which is another of the symptoms that I am unfortunately experiencing. I have tried taking up to 70mg of morphine sulphate tablets topped up with Oramorph as required. This wasn’t succeeding in killing the pain so I am currently trying an increased dose of 75mg of Fentanyl that is given in two patches (50mg and 25mg) lasting three days. I can still take Oramorph as required. I shall just have to see how that goes, fingers crossed it does the job.

I also look forward to my foot massage at the Hospice today and the opportunity to ask them about acupuncture. I have read that for some people with this kind of pain, acupuncture works particularly well.

Another thing I am looking forward to is my party on July 13th. I can’t quite believe that’s only six weeks to go, hopefully I can get together with the party committee soon to check everything is on track. More payments are dribbling in which gives us a good indication of numbers. If you haven’t yet purchased your ticket I shall be sending you another reminder email this week. I shall also be sending out tickets and a map to all those who have kindly sent in their £10. Six weeks isn’t long and Colin is working hard trying to prepare our guest bedroom for visitors. Unfortunately we don’t have enough room to put lots of people up but there are a couple of travel lodges within about a five minute drive away, and people are welcome to camp as long as they bring along their own tent, caravan or motorhome. We shall be giving up our room for guests in preference for camping out in the field.

I am also very excited for the postman to come. This is a daily experience that happens when you start entering competitions.

I wonder what you are looking forward to, besides the party of course?

Deborah x

5 thoughts on “What do you look forward to?

  1. Well today I am looking forward to going out for a meal at the Radcliffe Arms in Hitchin. It is a vegetarian gourmet night. Five courses. 🙂 This is very exciting for me as vegetarian meals out are often very predictable with limited choice.

    We are going with a bunch of friends whose company I enjoy very much. 🙂

    And tomorrow is one of the women’s birthday. She has had a really rough trot lately. Her mother has serious mental health problems and it has been down to Tracy to manage her care (and her being sectioned late last year) as she is an only child of divorced parents.

    I’m going to get helium balloons for our table at the restaurant. I LOVE helium balloons. I hope she does too 🙂

    On FB I sent you a couple of links re pain relief through music. If nothing else it may be a distraction for you for a while.

    I hope you find your right drug cocktail. May you find some peace today.

    Jackie x

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  2. im looking forward to meeting an old friend tonight and today trying to de-hoard my house which lately resembles a dumping ground for the boys who are turning the house into student digs and hubbie joining in to with more and more golfing equipment propping up the walls and masquerading as clothes horse….hope your pain eases and you enjoy your massage.. i Will get onto e mail today too xx

  3. Hi Deborah
    I’m hoping you have more success with your pain medication and wishing you good luck with your competition entries.
    An interesting distraction may be a new series on mental health, starting on Friday (The Truth About Mental Health: Mad Or Sad 1/6. BBC World Service, Friday 31 May, 1530-1600 BST) it looks like a fascinating and diverse look at mental health. Sx

    • Thank you Sharon it would be good to have a day where we can all catch up sometime. You are of course welcome to come along to my party x

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