Just a short one…

…to keep you posted.

Yesterday I continued to feel much better, maybe because I took the Oramorph hourly? This resulted in me being able to get on with making my candle holders, out of jam jars.

Pollyanna and Rob popped in for a cooked breakfast and mum stopped by to do a couple more hours of gardening. Thank you mum.

Today will be pretty quiet as I sit around perhaps entering more competitions and Colin gets on with the spare bedroom.

So if anyone of you do want to pop in please just bring along some cake as we are once again cakeless and our only offerings will be a digestive. The problem is with the cakes such as Lorna so kindly made and dropped off on Thursday, is that they only last one day as they really are so delicious!

Enjoy the Sunshine today and please could you send lots of positive vibes to Judy a lovely lady who is running the Race for Life today, with my name on her back, in order to raise money for cancer research.

Thank you so much Judy.

Deborah xxx

7 thoughts on “Just a short one…

  1. Good news Deb, and if someone is bringing you a Herman cake you’ll never be short of it ever again! The only things you’ll be short of will be the ingredients to keep Herman fed!! But it is delicious, that’s for sure. Keep up the good work, and good luck with the competitions. Extra hugs and thoughts, Nicola
    PS enjoyed the photos of little you, when you were about that size, maybe a year or so older, you, Kate, your mum and your gran visited us at my grandmother’s house in Cookham Dean. My mum had a lot of dachshunds so you might possibly remember a houseful of small sausage dogs —– I was visiting from Canada at that time with my two, Tammy, about eighteen months, and Adrian, only about three months old, so it was a nice get together as I hadn’t ever met you and Kate, and it had been some time since I had seen your mum and gran. Ahhhh, memory lane. XO N

    • Hi Nicola
      I had never heard of Herman cake before but I am looking forward to it.
      I do remember visiting your grandma’s house and seeing the little sausage dogs with their own warm houses. I can’t however remember meeting you there, I was probably too fascinated with the dogs.
      Stay Well
      Deborah x

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