Two margarines on the go….’s a nightmare scenario. I just can’t get this song out of my head. Have a listen but I warn you it’s pretty addictive!

What song have you got in your head this morning? Singing is very good for your mental health. A few years ago I had a conference to launch our new service for children’s mental health. I opened the conference with a lovely young lady singing, Nina Simone’s song Feeling Good, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. I met this young lady many years ago when I heard her sing at a conference in London for looked after children. Natalie had experienced being in care and she spoke about the difference singing lessons made to her mental health. Music can anchor good feelings as well as more sad times.

Is there a piece of music you play to cheer you up?

Jackie Hartley kindly sent me some information about how music helps to cure pain. I haven’t had a proper chance to follow this up yet but it sounds very interesting.
Some other friends of mine have set up a small business where they use singing as a way of brining teams together in the cooperate world. I shall have to see if I can get a link to their website.

I often get asked the question of whether I ever get fed up of writing the blog every day and I can honestly say I don’t. As well as a way of starting my day off by perhaps exploring how I feel, I have met lots of new people through this medium. This includes other people with Myeloma from all over the world, friends and colleagues that I haven’t been in touch with for ages and people who have just come across the blog by searching the web or through word of mouth. This morning I received a lovely email from a neighbour of my in-laws saying she had been following my blog. So it’s a great way to meet new friends. Some of these I will be meeting for the first time at my party which is very exciting. Do let me know, if you haven’t already, if you want to come along.

Talking about the party I think it’s going to be a great night. I just hope the weather holds out and we have a lovely sunny evening. Can I put out for an appeal for old blankets please. I would like to put a few blankets out on the straw bales in case people get a bit chilly towards the evening. If you have any hanging around please drop me an email at

Well today I am off to see the doctor at the hospice to discuss acupuncture and other possible forms of pain relief, perhaps I should sing the margarine song to him?

I am happy to report a continuos improvement in both my physical and mental health over the weekend.

The weather looks good from my bedroom window.

Have a great day blog buddies

Deborah x

6 thoughts on “Two margarines on the go….

  1. So glad there is an improvement in how you are feeling Debs , thinking of you, enjoy the lovely sunshine (we actually have some in cornwall too !!) xx

  2. Where on earth did you find the Margarine song!!! Oh, dear! Mind you, I do relate to it, I’m afraid.
    Glad you are feeling better. The walk went well & I got my medal – a first for a couch potato.You were with me all the way!

  3. Colin found the song on Radio 4 John Shuttleworth is the name of the show. I also often open one spread before the other and I guess quite a few of us are guilty of that!
    Well done for getting your medal that really is brilliant news and thank you so much for doing it in my name. Have you any pictures I could put up on my blog?
    You are a very special person, Judy, and the little and bigger things (like the 5K run) mean a lot to both Colin and I so THANK YOU very much once again.
    Deborah x

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