Dress hunt

I’m trying to dream up and find, my perfect party dress for July 13th. The trouble is finding something I love in my size. In my dreams it will be a chiffon, lacy, cream, floaty affair coming just below the knee. With perhaps the odd daisy sewn on. I did find this amazing designer on the net and I thought I had bookmarked the site but sadly I can’t find it now. In reality I will probably be covered up as it does seem rather cold in the evenings, I am counting on the CC Smugglers to keep us up and dancing. I am really getting excited about it now, I just need to think a bit more about how to decorate the inside of the barn. Any arty volunteers most welcome, although we do have a few ideas in mind, but it’s rather a large space to cover.

Unfortunately I am sitting at the peak of the mountain as far as the pain is going, especially in the evenings when it becomes a killer and I just try to sleep to forget about it. Never mind I must be on the way down very soon!

Tomorrow we have plans to visit a museum that has one of the Wellington aircraft just like my grandfather used to fly, but it is quite a drive away so we shall just have to wait and see as far as my health is concerned, although I has been looking forward to it.

Today I will enjoy a pretty lazy Sunday. I hope you do too.

Deb x

3 thoughts on “Dress hunt

  1. Hi deb, I had a look in Cambridge at dresses yesterday, ted baker have some lovely flowey flowery dresses, have a look at the web site. I’m sure you will find something perfect and look beautiful. X 😊

  2. Deb, where is the museum with the Wellington? My father ( your grandfather’s brother) also flew Wellingtons and I would like to put that on my bucket list for if I ever get to the UK again. My father also flew Typhoons, in fact lost his life in one, shot down while bombing railways in France, and I think there is a Typhoon in a museum somewhere too and I would also love to know whereabouts that is too. There is the RAF museum at Hendon I think but I don’t think the Typhoon is there —- ah well, maybe one day —- . As for your barn, shall be interested to know what ideas people come up with, hay bales, hay bales, and more hay bales??! Am not quite sure how “country” is country in the UK. You are certainly on my hero list for doing all you are, and coping with it all while maintaining your sanity and sense of humour.
    Hope Sunday was OK, it’s still only eight am here, and I woke up to Nadal groaning and grunting in some tennis final, not quite sure which one, not a pleasant wake up, although tennis is about the only TV sport vI can get into a bit.
    Love to you and your mum and yours. Nicola

    • The museum was in Surrey, we are just on our way home. We got to sit inside the plane. It was the one retrieved from the Loch Ness. A good time was had by all, it would be great if you could come and visit and we will do a round of them all.
      Hay bales are being provided by Kate.
      Take care
      Deborah x

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