What a beautiful day…

..and how lucky am I ? Yesterday the sun came out, shining brightly into my dark hole. A perfect morning was had as Kate, Barbs and I settled ourselves down on the garden sofas in the barn and listened to the most amazing singer serenade us as we rather embarrassingly, quarrelled over which of us, this handsome man was singing to. For those of you coming along in July, you are in for a treat, and I am now even more excited about my party. Thank you so much David you are very talented, I know your dreams will come true and I will be sitting in the front row when they do.

Later in the day some very dear friends from work, took time to come over and see me, bringing a cream tea and other goodies along too. I am not sure if they really know how much that means to me, and how very grateful I feel for them doing so.

I feel more spurred on now about writing my book and getting that blasted pension form completed.

This morning I will return to the hospice for some reflexology and then spend the afternoon with my daughter and delightful grandson. I can’t help but smile when I see them.

The pain in my legs has reduced and is not happening as often thank goodness.

My PA popped in to see me too yesterday and gave me a hug as I wept in her arms. Together we started Step2 from scratch and it really was a double act. The service is continuing to thrive and it’s good to know that the staff are working so hard to make a difference to children and families that need our support. She brought along my portfolio folders and I was quite amazed when I looked back at how much I had achieved.

So I really do have a great amount to be grateful for.

I think today will be another good day.

Deborah x

2 thoughts on “What a beautiful day…

  1. Hi deborah – glad the pain is subsiding and you’re feeling a little brighter. I’m sure you’ve thought if this but I keep thinking if it every morning I read the blog so thought I’d jot it down. I can sympathise so much with your feelings about work and loss of status that retirement will bring. I felt the same even though my career wasn’t a patch on what you’ve achieved. I was wondering whether post-retirement you’ve thought about how much of a benefit your wealth of skills and experience would be to a charity such as Mind or maybe even one specialising in children’s mental health? I know you’re also concerned about the financials but ho knows, there may be a paid charity job out there for you?

    I know you have many steps ahead of you to even be thinking that far ahead but maybe something like that could be a little chink of light in the future?

    Lots and lots of love from us all xxxx

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