It’s pay back time…

…and my little sister holds the power as she grins menacingly. before darting me in the stomach. with my growth hormone injection. Why oh why was I so mean to her? My best friend Fiona and I would set our post office up and give Kate a little unsatisfactory corner of the room where she could lick envelopes but not use the franking machine. It all seems so petty but holds so much significance now and I can see how much she is enjoying it. But I can’t complain it’s either her or me and to tell the truth she did a pretty good job of it yesterday.

Most of yesterday was spent sleeping and if I wasn’t sleeping I was thinking about getting back to sleep. I am allowing it to happen, being patient and listening to my body. I am reminding myself that this is the last step for what, I hope will be, for some time to come. Following my harvesting I am on the road to recovery in plenty of time for my party. I hope to be off all my medication by then and able to have my first alcoholic drink in months. I shall take full advantage of this. My party will be about celebrating life and I intend to live it to the full even if it s going to be on a bit of a shoe string.

Look at who was in my garden this morning…
Good job Frodo didn’t see him first, although I think he’s too old and worn out to do much about it now.

It looks like its going to be a good day, Colin has been working his magic on the rooms upstairs and we may move back into the bedroom tonight,although I do enjoy waking up to the view from our conservatory.

Enjoy your day

Deborah x

PS. Jo you will have to fight over playing nursey with Kate, I fear she may not wish to let go of the power now she has it!

4 thoughts on “It’s pay back time…

  1. Aww to be fair Mum, my first alcoholic drink this year was only on Saturday… I’m sure you’ll be fine. My next alcoholic drink will be your party… Lovely picture of rabbit. Elliot saw it :). We will see you later. Elliot looks forward to his pig xxx

  2. If you were living in the Australian bush you may well find a kangaroo on your front lawn, rather than a hare (or is it a rabbit?)! Love the view from your window.

    Mo xxx

  3. Toni is watering (or should that be foaming) at the mouth at the sight of your visitor. She might not have been fast enough, but she would have given it a good try. 🙂

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