Here we go again….

…but this time I am well prepared. I have woken up to a pulsating pain in my sternum area and lower back. This was a pain I was expecting and I am quite pleased it has arrived. The pain is caused by the pressure of stem cells building up in my bone marrow desperate to be set free on Monday. I have become quite an expert at pain management so I will feel only a little discomfort.

Yesterday I was reflecting back on the reasons I set out for writing this blog. I wanted to share with my nearest and dearest how I was feeling at different points of my journey with myeloma. I also wanted to to use it as a cathartic exercise for getting things “off my chest” before moving on with my day. I also wanted to observe the NHS from the other side of the fence and I must admit I have been massively impressed by the care I have received. If my blog has been able to educate or support anybody along the way then that is an extra bonus.

Today the sun is shining here and I want to spend the day doing more sorting out of ‘stuff’. Colin and I seem to have too much stuff, we are hoarders striving for minimalism. We both want to be free of all the chattels that hold us firmly to the ground but somehow this has proved to be quite a challenge. Colin will usually take the first step, “enough is enough, some of this ‘stuff’ is going to have to go.” I totally agree with him, but then find myself following him around removing things from the dustbin or charity pile and placing them in the growing pile for the loft. It’s called the ‘just in case’ syndrome. Just in case I fancy reframing that old print, just in case I need that unused fondue set,(one of three!) one day!

Today Helga, our old motorhome will go for its MOT. She will be away all weekend and both Colin and I will miss her presence on the drive. Both of us adore that vehicle, she is a symbol of our freedom and features highly in our dreams to leave the clutter behind and explore Europe. We are so looking forward to our holiday to France and then planning for the winter months away chasing the sunshine.

Wishing you a great weekend.

Deborah x

6 thoughts on “Here we go again….

  1. My loft is bursting with “just in case” stuff and boxes of memories. I really should clear it out instead of holding on to it like a comfort blanket. I need a TV crew 😉

  2. At least you don’t collect piles of newspapers, that would be worrying!!! I love getting rid of stuff, it’s very fulfilling. Be strong, if you forgot you had the stuff or dont use the stuff you don’t need it!!! Good luck, happy sorting xx

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