13.54 almost there

Wow time has flown by and I have slept through the last couple of hours. Apparently I haven’t got long to go. It has been very busy on the ward here with eight of us plugged up to machines, and the poor nurses haven’t stopped. There is only three of them on duty and they just seem to go fron one job to another. I have enjoyed
(endured may be more appropriate) a lunch of fish and chips followed up with chocolate sponge without the custard.


Actually it wasn’t too bad for hospital food but I had already munched my way through a whole packet of jelly beans followed by a topic bar, so Colin helped by finishing it all off. I am scared that I do need a pee but I think that’s only because I know that I can’t really have one, so I shall just cross my legs and wait. I remember the days I used to work all day and was so busy I didn’t even think about fitting a wee in, this is not something I would recommend though! So far through this whole process I must admit I have been very impressed by the University College London Hospital. Every step of the way my care has been faultless. I am just looking forward to raising lots of money at my party for the Myeloma Research that is carried out here.


2 thoughts on “13.54 almost there

    • Lol that might have been a good idea but I managed to hold on until they unplugged me from all of the machines.
      Thank you for your continuous support.
      Much love

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