8.57 Arrived a little late…

..but that was no problem, I was only the 2nd person here. My bloods have been taken, but unfortunately my veins are playing up and I am going to have to have a Vascath, which is a bit of plastic inserted into a vein in my groin, under local anaesthetic. The good side is I will be able to move both arms about. The bad news is that I will need to keep it in until they have the required amount of stem cells. This may mean staying I over night. Here is the machine they will be using to take all the blood out of my body. It separates the white blood cells, red blood cells and plasma out. Apparently the stem cells sit in with my white blood cells, but I have a good count of 24, and the minimum requirement is 4.

3 thoughts on “8.57 Arrived a little late…

  1. Will follow your day with interest. Hope they remember to put some blood back in after they have taken it all out! This is the last hurdle. After this you can sing “Come ye thankful people come”

    • I’m singing away Judy and Thank you for your support and prayers. Looks like they have worked and I shall now get a bit of a reprieve before the nasty things return.
      Until then I shall live life to the full and be thankful for every day.
      Love Deborah xxxxx

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