Done it..

I needed 2 million and I gave birth to 2.9. It doesn’t look that much in the bag here but it’s enough for two transplants when and if I need them. Well done me. I am delighted. And the tennis hasn’t been too bad either!



12 thoughts on “Done it..

  1. Oh Deb, so very very overjoyed for you that this procedure has been such a success. Indeed, WELL DONE YOU! Shall be looking forward to further updates. Lots of love, Nicola

  2. Well done Deb! Very very well done actually. I’m following your blog very closely as I shall probably have to go through this myself too sometime. Your grandfather ( my father’s bro) is very proud of you I know. Now, be good to yourself and take good care to stay well while your blood count returns to normal, but let yourself go at your party and have a WONDERFUL time. I’ll be thinking of you, wishing I could be there, and sending love to you all: your mum, your sister, your husband too! Oh, and your “children” as they are all family of course too. What a truly great bunch of people you all are. Nicola XO

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    • Thank you Nicola, I do appreciate your kind words and support especially at a time when you have your own health battles to fight. I hope you are keeping well and managing to cope with the daily emotional and physical strains cancer brings along. I have been very fortunate with all the help and support I have received and that’s what’s got me through the difficult times. I hope now I can start to really live again and enjoy life.
      Lots of love Deborah xxx

  3. Yay – congratulations! Have been following your progress throighout the day and still continue to read your most heartwarming and insporational blog every day. X

    • Thank you Anna it is your kind support that has helped get me through all of this.
      Best wishes to you Deborah xxx

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