So here I am…

…on the way down to London. Stem cells at the ready to burst out like a fountain, in the harvesting procedure. I am sure I am definitely going to have a Miranda moment and burst into “We plough the fields and scatter” it’s a good job, that I will be strapped down to the bed. I must admit I am a little concerned, not about the procedure itself, but what if I need, whispering now, the loo? It will have to take place insitu with only a curtain to provide some privacy, but how embarrassing is that! I am imagining all the other harvesters, thinking, we know what she’s doing. Oh I can’t possibly do it. I think I would rather wet the bed and blame it on a spilt cup of tea.

Anyway, just for your enjoyment, I shall be blogging throughout the day, so that you can sing along. And I hope to take plenty of pictures of the machines and people involved. So lookout for my next instalment. X

4 thoughts on “So here I am…

  1. Dear Deborah
    I have been lurking and following your blog with interest. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and experiences. I will be thinking of you today and sending positive vibes so that they only harvest happy stem cells! Good luck and best wishes

    • Thank you Sebastian it’s good to have you on board. I think it ‘s all the positive support that has got me through some difficult times.
      Best Wishes
      Deborah x

  2. Don’t worry about the loo bit, Deb – surely everyone’s in the same position – it’s hardly a unique occurrence. Lie back and think of England, or something!

    Mo x

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