What no blog?

I am afraid the hot weather has got the better of me and I am struggling. I have even had to invite my friend Oramorph back for a short visit. Colin and I have now moved to the coolness of our bedroom to escape the heat of the day and to watch the tennis finals. It is days like this that remind me that I am not as well as I had hoped, sadly. Never mind I am now an expert at succumbing which I am sure most of us are having to do today. I wonder what it must be like playing tennis today, surely it can’t be good for one to excerpt so much energy in this heat? I wonder if it will be this warm for my party, if so I hope my body will be up for it, I shall just have to dose myself up with Oramorph if not!

Well I just wanted to confirm I’m sort of OKish because I know some of you might be worrying and wondering what’s going on.

No need to call out for medical assistance just yet.

I hope you are cool, most of my friends are already pretty cool, but this heat is a shock for us all, as its pretty rare here in the UK.


1 thought on “What no blog?

  1. Aww I always love reading your blogs but you don’t need to do them daily. Maybe you could do them say weekly or after appointments etc 🙂 xxx

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