Still on a high…

…from Saturday night. Did I dream it or did Jarvis Cocker really sing Disco 2000 in our back garden, in the barn on our stage? Perhaps the drilling into my hip bone today will bring me back down to earth!


Yes unfortunately I have to endure another bone biopsy today, but this time I have requested sedation, as the last one I had was pretty painful. This is the reason why I am up so early. We have to be at the hospital by 9am and its nil by mouth until after it’s been administered. I then have to hang around until my consultant appointment at 3.30 pm. Don’t these people know who I am? It’s me Deborah it never suited yer, my house was very small with wood chip on the wall. I don’t want to come down to earth, I’m staying exactly where I am!

If I haven’t already told you the CC Smugglers were amazing, ARE amazing. Not to mention how good a singer David Miils is! Come on Seb sign them up they will be big stuff in America and make you a fortune. Just don’t forget where you saw them first, at our home in our back garden on one hot Summer’s evening in July. I don’t mean to go on about it but you know, it’s me my name is DEBORAH.

I won’t apologise for repeating myself. It’s hard to move on, my Cancer has faded into insignificance. What Cancer? Did I tell you about the time Jarvis came to my party? How he sang along with my favourite band? Did I mention my good friend David Mills who played whilst the CC Smugglers attempted to toast marshmallows on our bonfire? How I danced and danced until sleep took over well past 2am?

Love from Deborah the first girl at school to get breasts (hmm I’m not too sure about that one)

pS if you are looking for me, I am floating up there somewhere on cloud number nine

3 thoughts on “Still on a high…

  1. Good luck today Mum. You’re very brave with all your treatments. You’re doing very well. If I could take your cancer away I would. But I can’t. You’re doing really well though and I know you’ll keep fighting everyday. I love you soooooooo much. Only my son is loved by me as much. If there’s anything I can do any day possible just ask. Everyone loves you and wishes you well. Over 100 showed you that at the weekend! Not forgetting all those who couldn’t come. Fingers crossed today shows nothing. Love you no matter what xxxxxxxxx

  2. good luck today xx aww that blog made me laugh.. you stay on that high .. best tonic ever… what a night xx

  3. Good luck today. I’m sure you’ll be dreaming about Jarvis when you’re having your procedure šŸ˜˜. Take care xx šŸ˜€

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