Fingers crossed

Today I have a 4 0’clock appointment with my consultant. I will get some blood results and the results from my bone biopsy. Having not being feeling well for the last few days I am a little bit worried. Hopefully the fatigue will be explained away as something to expect after my body has been through so much and nothing else.
Nevertheless I find it very depressing and frustrating to be forced to lie about and be constantly reminded of my illness.

This month my pay check was half it usually is which is another worry. I am sure we will adjust some how but it’s going to get worse yet. Hopefully I will feel well enough to get on with my book and get some sort of part time work. It all seems so unfair but life isn’t fair really is it? At least I know I am loved by my darling husband and family.

On a brighter note I look forward to seeing my daughter and grandson tomorrow and then seeing my other daughter sometime soon.

Keep on smiling 🙂

Deborah x

9 thoughts on “Fingers crossed

  1. Fingers, toes and everything crossed. We get to see you tomorrow though. I hope the results are ok but if they’re not we will all deal with it. We are all always thinking of you and want you happy etc. So do keep on smiling. Don’t forget you had that amazingly awesome party! You’re loved by many 🙂 and I’m proud to be your daughter. Keep going mother xxx

  2. Sending you some hugs and sparkles to see you through the day. We’ve never met and yet I read your blogs as if they were from a much loved friend. Your writing is full of hope, resilience and grace. I’m sure there are many like me, who know of you through friends, or friends of friends, and we’re all here in the background, rooting for you with all our might. Wishing you love, light and laughter today and every day. Jane xxx

    • Thank you Jane
      I do try my best to be strong even though it isn’t always that easy, but you probably don’t realise the difference your kind words make to me. They help to get me through the days when I feel more scared.
      Thank you from the bottom of ,y heart
      Deborah xxx

    • Thank you so much Rebecca, I am really appreciative of your prayers. I just hope he is listening to you as I need all the help I can get.
      Love you lots
      Deborah xxx

  3. Good luck today, im sure all will be fine. Your body’s been through a lot and needs to recover and this humid weather makes you feel exhausted too. Have you thought about becoming a party planner, you do throw a good party. Take care xx 😀

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