Yesterday was a good day.

I woke up yesterday full of energy and enjoyed every minute of seeing my lovely daughter and grandson.


So many things I have taken for granted in the past that I am now very grateful for. The biggest one is to have the energy to enjoy the day. Soon I will get up (previously I would have done an hours work by now) take my medication and slowly do a bit of housework. My only appointment today is for a reflexology session at the hospice. I do consider myself to be one of the lucky ones. We may not have much money and OK I have Myeloma but I have a husband, family and friends who I know love me and I live in a lovely place surrounded by country side. Prior to having Myeloma I am not sure I really appreciated theses things so for that I am truly sorry.

Take a look around you and just think of the things you can be appreciative of today. Then say a little thank you before getting on with your day. If you can do this every day you may be surprised at the difference this can make to your mental health.

Enjoy your day

Deborah x

Scores on the board (see scoring system above)
Physical Health = 2
Mental Health = 1

7 thoughts on “Yesterday was a good day.

  1. What a lovely photo. Have a lovely day today in the sunshine. I must pop round soon and pick up my jugs, it will be lovely to see you xxx 😄

  2. Yesterday was a good day for us too!!! So many of your friends have liked the pik of you and Elliot :). We love you xxx

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