A fresh start

Today Colin and I shall start our new regime of trying to do a couple of hours work every morning. By work I mean something that will bring in some sort of income. Over the last 7 months or so our lives have been dictated by my illness. Even today our day will be broken up by a visit to my occupational health department. But I must try to get back into some sort of routine that isn’t dictated by visits to the hospital or me feeling to fatigued or poorly to do anything. The literature tells me to take it slowly as my body has been so abused by the number of toxic chemicals it has had thrown at it that it could take sometime before I feel anything like normal again. I am fed up with waiting and I am not sure what the future holds but I can’t sit around waiting for something to happen.

I am officially in remission so I must make the best of the time I have before I am forced to get back on the Cancer bus again. Life isn’t cheap though and if we are to enjoy any sort of standard of living both Colin and I must earn a wage of some sort.

I had a lovely catch up with David, the chief exec of my trust. It was so good to hear that he was putting the welfare of his employees top of his agenda. I was very touched by his visit and felt lifted by his kind words that gave me some hope for the future.

So I had better get myself up and started. These last few months have made me a little lazy and honestly I could quite easily turn over and go back to sleep for an hour or two. It is hard to imagine that less than a year ago I would have been awake by 5.30am and in work by now.

Take care

Deborah x

1 thought on “A fresh start

  1. Please take it slowly, you use to be a workaholic and spent far too much time working
    You need to put yourself first and if you feel tired STOP. It was never in your nature to slow down, working 18 hours a day including some weekends was the norm for you. Leisure time is important for both of you enjoy it, pace yourself slowly and gradually increase when it feels right.
    Lots of love Mum

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