Look on the bright side of life

I must admit both Colin and I have found this a bit difficult lately. After visiting the Occupational Health department on Monday we have been feeling a little low. Thank you for all your supportive comments and I will say something but I want to wait until I can be sure my report has been written. I have just typed but now deleted the insensitive things the doctor read out to me and Colin on Monday. Why would I want to upset you and spoil your day. I am also reducing my patch to 25mcg which may account for the increase in my hot flushes and depressed mood. Never mind I am sure we will pick up. We are just about to go on a nice walk in the countryside with our lovely dog. We did this on Monday evening and went out at 6pm and didn’t get home until 7.50pm. I have also just spoken to my lovely daughter who s going to bring us lunch to share.

I have not been doing to badly on the work front and yesterday I almost completed an article for a journal about family health. It just needs a few more hundred words before I can send it off. I must say a big thank you to a colleague and lovely friend of mine Sharon White who put me in touch with the editor of the magazine. Not only that I have now written about three chapters of my book about children’s mental health. The plan is to publish it as an ebook and to try and find a publisher who will help me to get it printed and available in a hard copy.

Anyway I must hurry up and get on with things as according to my iPad its already nearly 9.15.

Deborah x

3 thoughts on “Look on the bright side of life

  1. You don’t know me, I am a friend of Kate’s, but I just want you to know you are a complete inspiration to so many people including myself and I send you love and best wishes for a long and pain free remission (and hopefully more) The world needs people like you.

    • Thank you very much Heather, that is so kind of you to say such lovely things and they are most appreciated.
      Deborah x

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