Feeling much brighter today…

…after spending a lovely afternoon with our gorgeous grandson Elliot, Jem and Tom.
He really enjoyed some chocolate cake and spent much of his time being pulled around in his dog cart.
We also got through the post a book of all the Aires in France, this got us excited about our holiday, and Jem gave us an early anniversary present of some Euro’s to spend. We are thinking of taking bicycles on holiday. Colin has one but if any one has a ladies bike they no longer use I would be most grateful.
The morning started off with another lovely dog walk and I shall be having another of those as soon as this blog has finished and I have jumped in the bath.
So sorry this is short and sweet but I had better get a move on or the bath water will be cold!

Love Deborah x

5 thoughts on “Feeling much brighter today…

  1. Awwww how lovely to hear you’re a bit happier :). Glad I got to give you your anniversary present early :). Nice to hear I helped make you happier :). Not forgetting the other presents/treats I got you :). I love you lots and live spending time with you xxxxxxxxx

  2. Hi Deborah I have a ladies bike which is not being used at present. It probably needs some attention but you’re welcome to come and have a look and see if it would be suitable. love Betty x

    Date: Fri, 9 Aug 2013 07:38:06 +0000 To: bettythorn@live.co.uk

  3. Hi Deborah,
    Glad things are looking and feeling better for you right now. I don’t have a bike, but I do have a little apartment in France now (which is where I was for much of the week), if ever you are in need of a place to get away to. It is in the Languadoc region of France. Really sorry to read about the insensitive Occupational Health doctor and her rubbish communication skills. Maybe there is some work there for you around communication skills? I am starting a new job in London, but maybe we can finally get together some time soon?
    Julie xx

    • Thank you Julie for your kind offer. I hope your new job goes well. I am looking forward to meeting up at sometime.
      Deborah xxx

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